Cameron’s Room of Rock n’ Roll

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A rock n' roll themed nursery with all custom items made by mother and father.

Design Inspiration

Rock music

Decorating Style

Musical, modern, and creative

Project Details

This project started with the creation of a custom-made Fender-style amp changing table. The room colors of red, black, and silver were based on this piece.

My wife painted the room silver (gray paint with silver glaze), made the artwork on the wall, and made the bedding.

Favorite Items

The Fender amp changing table is by far my favorite.


I ended up making the Fender-style changing table from scratch because converting a real amp of this size would have cost thousands of dollars just for the amp... and would have ruined a great amp.

The drum tables and cubbies were converted from a used drum kit I bought for this project. I painted the interior black, and cut out circles in the drum skin with a blade, them rimmed them with chrome automotive door trim. Wooden tops were painted black, then sanded for aging, then varnished.


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    It’s so nice to see a daddy post here. I really like what you did with those drum shelves. So cool and creative.

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    I love this idea. What exactly was the amp changing table made out of? Mostly, I’m just curious what the front part of the amp was made out of.

  5. 5

    OMG this room is amazing!!!!!!!! Those wooden drum cubbies are EXACTLY the type of thing I have been trying to find for my sons room,… and not been able to find anything even close anywhere. Well done.

  6. 6

    I absolutely love this… our future nursery is a recording studio right now lol. I love the changing table, so awesome!!

  7. 7

    You need to go into nursery decor full time! I looked everywhere to purchase rock-n-roll themed stuff for my sons nursery and found nothing. Awesome job dad!!

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