Cambria’s Yo Gabba Gabba 2nd birthday party!

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My little girl is crazy about Nick Jr's "Yo Gabba Gabba", so I thought a Yo Gabba Gabba party would be a blast for her!


Design Inspiration

Obviously, the TV show. I also found some cute ideas from Pintrest.

Decorating Style

I guess I would say my decorating style is simple? I like to do a lot of DIY projects, to keep things personalized, and unique.

Project Details

We made a different color treat, for each character. Our "Muno treat", was obviously the super cute cake that i had custom made by a woman who makes specialty cakes out of her home. For our "Foofa treat", I bought brownie bites and used a star-tipped frosting tip, and made flowers on the tops. I used 1 big white sprinkle in the middle of the design, to make it look like a flower. For the "Toodee treat", I bought rice crispy treats, and drizzled light blue- dyed melting chocolate on the tops of them.  I made mint-truffle cake balls, covered in dyed- green melting chocolate, for the "Brobee treat". The "Plex treat", was pretzel rods, dipped in white melting chocolate, and covered with yellow sprinkles.

Favorite Items

I really love the Super Music Friend show thing my husband made to put around our TV. :)


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    Cute Mono cake! And love the gift bags, too. My kids simply adore Yo Gabba Gabba too and I think it’s great to see a party with this theme. This is the first Yo Gabba Gabba party I have seen here.

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    I love the thing over the tv!!! Do you by chance know how your husband made it?! I would love to make this for my little girls birthday party for next month.

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