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Cactus Nursery


We did not find out the sex of our first child before she was born so I wanted to make a gender neutral space but I didn't want the traditional grey, yellow, or green nursery so I painted the walls a rich navy blue and used natural wood and white elements and decided on a cactus theme.

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  1. avatar Jenny Maguire says:

    What is the name of the paint color on the wall?

  2. avatar Coral speicher says:

    If you decide you wanna get rid of it I would totally buy it 🤩

  3. avatar Coral Speicher says:

    The one over the crib! I LOVE it and can’t find anything like it on Etsy!

  4. avatar Ericka Kent says:

    Hi Coral are you referring to the one over the crib or over the rocking chair? The one over the rocking chair was a custom order on Etsy that’s no longer available but I still have the one over the crib that I am no longer using.

  5. avatar Coral Speicher says:

    I LOVE this cactus mobile. I cannot find it anywhere on Etsy. Wanted to ask if you could email me the link possibly! TIA – coral