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Cactus Fiesta


When I told family members my daughters first birthday would be cactus themed, they looked at me like I was crazy. Even though the family had mixed feelings about the theme, I had a strong vision in my head of the decor and theme. Most of the items I used were from the 99 cent store and target. I was shocked when I found a cactus pinata at the 99cent store. We bought the donkey pinata at target and took off all of the embellishments and spray painted it gold. There were also a few items from T.J. Maxx, like the table runner and ceramic cactus. I did a lot of DIY, like the painted rock cactus' and the balloon/tissue paper flower arbor. I decided to print out some cactus art and frame them in some inexpensive white frames. I also decided to make cake smash indies due to the fact I didn't want the girls to ruin their cactus dresses from Gymboree. I simply bought white onesies and made the image on word, flipped it to mirror image and printed out on iron on paper and voilà! At the start of the party I had some Mexican sweet bread out for people to munch on and not to mention they were beautiful colors that matched the theme. We had our delish and beautiful cakes made by a local baker and a taco lady for our eats. For our goodbyes I made white chocolate (made green with food coloring) dipped pretzel sticks and topped with coconut which looked like little cactuses. For the babies I made "cactus seed labels" and pasted them on gerber puffs. Overall this theme was a hit and recommend it for any age!