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Butterfly Birthday Bash


A butterfly themed birthday party on a budget for any girls under 10!

Design Inspiration

My daughter wanted a BUTTERFLY theme for her seventh birthday party. I am scrapper at heart, so of course I turned to my scrapbooking paper to find my inspiration. I found a cute multi-colored striped paper and from that stemmed eight other colors of patterned paper to match!

Decorating Style

Color best describes my decorating style. I love color and I am not afraid to use it!

Project Details

I had a lot of fun making the birthday cards, because that is what I do best! Because I could I made each invite different. After all, each butterfly is different! AND of course, I made matching "Thank-You's" to attach to the party favor bags and matching butterflies to be used in the party favor bags, decorations, and games.

Since we are a young family of 7 (our oldest child who was just turning 7), we are always on a budget. So I had to come up with cheap and easy things for the decor. My local Dollar Tree made it real easy to stay within our small budget. I picked up some fake flower sets that just happened to have butterflies in them, bright colored tissue paper, and butterfly themed cups, napkins and plates. Then I headed over to Michael's to see what I could find in the dollar bins. I picked up butterfly stamps, a cute butterfly drawing pad, and inexpensive face paint. So using what I picked up for real cheap at the Dollar Tree and at Michael's combined with whatever scrapbooking paper and supplies I had at home ~ This is what I came up with!

For the decorations, I made pom poms of different sizes to hang on our front door and above the birthday girl table. I added some of the fake flowers and butterfly to the decorations on the front door. I then hung the pom poms and homemade butterflies at different heights all above the birthday table. I used the butterfly color pad and attached them to colorful cardstock and left room at the bottom for each girls name. They colored their own name plate as guests were arriving. I also painted butterflies on each girls face and sprinkled glitter on their faces. Once guests arrived we played butterfly games!

For the butterfly cake, I got the shape idea from Betty Crocker - but used Cooks Illustrated recipes instead. I used their Fluffy Yellow Cake recipe and their *YUMMY* buttercream frosting recipe. After icing the cake, i added the rest of my fake flowers that I got from the Dollar Tree around the bottom of the cake.

Favorite Items

My favorite thing about the party decor was all the different butterflies that were hung around the room! At the end of the party, the girls asked to take some home with them. Since they were attached to clear strings, and because it was super windy, they ended up playing with them as kites!


This was super easy to put together! And, my favorite part, it was super cheap!


Thursday 29th of April 2010

This party is very fitting for a young girl. I love the pastels, I love that everything is handmade, and most of all, I love that you didn't spend so much for this! You have proven that you can make everything with love and creativity and not end up broke.


Tuesday 27th of April 2010

It's great to know that we can all come up and organize fun parties that our kids will absolutely love while on a tight budget.


Sunday 21st of March 2010

I gave this a 5 elephant. The decorations and invitations were all handmade. Very creative but simple enough for anyone to do. Practical, age appropriate and not over the top. I just made the paper flowers for a baby shower. A huge HIT! Thanks for the awesome post. I can hardly wait until my daugther is old enough to do a butterfly party. We will definitely be using this post again. Thanks!