Bugaboo’s Monkey Themed First Birthday Party

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  • Pine-ape-le Tree for this Monkey Themed Birthday Party
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  • Monkey Cupcakes for this Monkey Themed Birthday Party
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A monkey-themed first birthday party.

Design Inspiration

We knew we wanted to have a monkey-themed party for Bugaboo's first birthday. I started by picking out fabric and based the color scheme and monkey images off of the fabric.

Decorating Style

I like a little of everything and love DIY touches. I wanted the party to look fun and cheerful.

Project Details

Choosing fabric is usually the first place I start - so once I found the monkey fabrics I used them to create a lot of the decorations. I also scanned the fabric into my computer and used the monkey image on the invitation and throughout the party.

Decorations:  Most of the decorations were DIY. I created the birthday chalkboard in photoshop as well as the invite. I used the monkey fabric to make a bib and birthday hat for the birthday boy and for his favorite monkey stuffed animal.  The jungle wreath, photo of the month banner, fabric banners, and bunting were DIY.  I used a lot of our houseplants and monkey stuffed animals we already had around the house to try and create a rainforest vibe.

My husband created a slideshow of Bugaboo's first year that he played on a digital frame set on the mantle. He also created a monkey playlist that was really fun and silly.

Food:  We gave all the food we served a fun monkey-themed name. We had chimp chips, monkey bread, pine-ape-le, gorilla grapes, chimpan-cheese and crackers, pineapple and orange-atang salad…you get the idea :) After seeing pictures of a pineapple palm tree on Pinterest I decided to make my own as a centerpiece for the table. The palm tree cupcake tower was another DIY project. For dessert I made monkey cupcakes and a smash cake shaped like a monkey.

For more details you can visit my blog at www.bugaboocity.com.

Favorite Items

It's hard to choose. So much of the party I made myself that I feel attached to it all! I love the chalkboard sign and monthly photo banner because they summarize this first year really well.


The best advice I can give is to start planning in advance. I was very busy with work surrounding the birthday party so I made all the decorations a few months ahead of time when I wasn't as busy. It gave me the chance to make a lot of the stuff but also not be stressed over the party!

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