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B’s Room


This baby room is simple, yet sophisticated.

Design Inspiration

I wanted a room that would transition from baby to young lady! Plus, I am not really a fan of all the "babyish" decorating!

Decorating Style

Simple and neutral.

Project Details

-The walls are their original color of light beige/tan. We painted the ceiling a dark chocolate color (Ralph Lauren paint) and hired someone to install crown molding. -I created a collage of Bs on the wall above the crib. When I was out shopping and would see the letter B I would buy it. Then I put all the letters together to create the collage. -I ordered the gold colored drapes from Target ( YES, target has a great selection of drapes, for very little $. -The family pictures took the longest and were the most difficult to pull together. Once I pulled all the pictures together, I took them to ArronBrothers ( and was able to match the pictures, frames, and matting with the room! -The Chandelier is from Pottery Barn ( (a little splurge, but SOOO worth it) Plus, my baby loves laying on the ground and looking up at it! The picture does not do it justice, but it totally makes the room!

Favorite Items

My favorite items in the room are the pictures of each grandparent and parent, along with their baby picture. My other favorite piece is the Bentley car emblem. My daughters name is Bentley and my brother got the Bentley car emblem and framed it for her room! SOOO cool and VERY special!


I bought almost EVERY accessory from Hobby Lobby ( Great Place! Great Prices!


Wednesday 5th of May 2010

I love how you have pictures on the walls :)  Baby's room should have it!


Tuesday 4th of May 2010

Grainy blurred photos, but I love how you fused the old and the whimsical here.


Sunday 2nd of May 2010

I like it. It's simple, clean, uncluttered. I like how your room isn't brimming over with things. We too aren't fans of typical "baby style" - pastels and teddy bears or the rebelling super mod/trendy design. We want something that blends well with the rest of our home, much like i imagine yours does.