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B’s Around the World Nursery


We wanted a nursery that was modern, yet warm and cozy.  One that had a unique identity, that didn't look like it was a set we bought at one store or too "babyish".  Most important, we wanted an element of fun!  Before we found out that we were having a boy, we agreed on the turquoise wall color.  I am not sure that the room would look too much different if we were having a girl; probably color punches of fuchsia and more metallic accents.  

Design Inspiration

The first piece we picked out was the hot air balloon canvas print which turned out to be my inspiration for the whole nursery.  I consider this space to be the home base for our future world-traveler.  In it, you will find African animals, a Moroccan-inspired mirror, vintage globes, a Peruvian cross, a Chinese parasol, and various faux animal "furs". 

Decorating Style

Eclectic!! I love quirky, vintage finds paired with modern pieces.  

Project Details

Wall color- custom made from a Tiffany & Co. box color swatch

Dresser- Lea Furniture: Elite Reflections Collection

Crib- Ikea: Gulliver 

Rocker- Ikea: POÄNG, birch & black leather  

Side Table- Target 

Shelf- Lowe's

Mirror- HomeGoods

Hot Air Balloon Canvas Print- Oopsy Daisy 

Giraffe & Dragon Stuffed Animals- Melissa & Doug 

Zebra Wood Clock- Pottery Barn

Elephant & Giraffe Hooks- Anthropologie

Globe- Vintage

Lamps- Target

Parasol Light Fixture- DIY 



Favorite Items

Starburst mirror, hot air balloon artwork, 'Year of the Dragon' postage stamps (framed above shelf) and my DIY parasol light.  


Sometimes less is more, not every wall or shelf needs to be filled.  Collect pieces over time instead of the buy-it-all-now, matchy-matchy approach.  Have fun with color, what's the worse that can happen- you can repaint, right??  

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  1. avatar Shannon says:

    INSPIRED! Can’t wait to meet the world traveler whose life is bound to be a magical adventure with you two creative and loving parents!!!

  2. avatar LarzyB says:


    On etsy… here is the shop I found them in:

    I had her make a custom, all aqua chevron set. She was a delightful seller!

  3. avatar LarzyB says:


    I found it at Target about two months ago and as a Target-stalker, ops shopper, I haven’t seen it in a while ; ) I’d suggest checking online if they have it… good luck!

  4. avatar Lauren says:

    Love this nursery! Where did you find the chevron clothing rings for 3months/6months/etc?

  5. avatar Stefanie says:


    oh, i looooove it!!! i can’t find one anywhere!!! i saw one on pinterest that was a trash can and i thought that was so neat!! did you find it recently at target??

  6. avatar LarzyB says:

    Thanks everyone! It was SO much fun putting together!! Stefanie, the piece is an actual side table, but I can see why you are asking- very clever! Elise, I ordered the parasol offline and cut the handle to about 4″ then wired it from the “guts” of the previous fixture. My hubby put it on a dimmer, so it doubles as a perfect nightlight too!

  7. avatar Jill says:

    I want to curl up in this beautiful, cozy room. All ready for sweet Bebe Bushon!

  8. avatar Chris says:

    the natural flair is genetic I think…CK

  9. avatar Stefanie says:

    Is this a trash can used as a side table or an actual table?? i LOOOOOVE it!!

  10. avatar Stefanie says:

    Is this a trash can used as a side table or an actual table?? i LOOOOOVE it!

  11. avatar Sarah says:

    Adorable!! And, are you available to do my whole house?!?! Can’t wait to meet our new cuz!

  12. avatar Jane smith says:

    Wow, all ready for bebe bushon:)
    Love, love, love the ceiling fixture.
    Great idea framing the stamps…he is a dragon after all.
    You are so talented Lara.

  13. avatar Manal K says:

    Larzy! It looks beautiful and I love how you detailed everything. I am sure baby B is going to love his room.

  14. avatar Elise L says:

    I swear this is your calling! I want to hear more details on the DIY parasol light fixture… how did you do it, and more importantly how did you come up with the idea? Very cool all around, I bet bebe B will love it!