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Brynn’s Big Girl Room


I knew I wanted to make my daughter's "big girl" room bright and cheerful to match her personality.  

Design Inspiration

I saw several ideas on Pinterest that inspired me, but I mainly just used the bedding from Target as my palette and went from there.  The room was already painted the tiffany blue color (which I loved), so I left the walls  just as they were.

Decorating Style

mix of transitional and modern

Project Details

Bedding: Target
Rug: Walmart
Frames: Cut It Out website, Hobby Lobby, Target, and miscellaneous ones laying around the house that I painted
Lamp: IKEA (base spray painted)
Chandelier: IKEA
Curtains: Target
Paint color: Custom matched by Sherwin Williams to a box that I had

Favorite Items

The wall of frames

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  2. avatar Shannon says:

    I’m totally using this a second my inspiration for my daughters room!!! COlor and everything!! She is 5 in two weeks so her room needs to be more big girl! But I already have similar stuff hanging in her nursery, like glass-less white frames hung and I can just paint them, and she already had the rain guttter book shelfs! But now I have a vision of wall decor!! Thanks so much!

  3. avatar Amy says:

    What kind of paint did you use to paint all the frames? And what brand? I love this! So beautiful.

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  7. avatar Hannah says:

    Where did you get that bedding??? I love it!!!

  8. avatar Hannah says:

    Where can I find that bedding? I LOVE THIS!!!!

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  10. avatar Katharina says:

    Hallo .
    Very nice picture :))) I Love it !!
    Can you Tell me where you get the bed linen ?
    It Looks so Sweet ( bed linen with the colorful hearts )
    Thank you very much for answering

    Best reguarts


  11. avatar Jessica says:

    Hi can I get the wall colour in the uk made up from your formula ?

  12. avatar jena says:

    Hi Jenna!
    would you be able to tell me the size variations of the frames please! I am wanting to do this as well but I have ZERO creative ability. haha
    also, where did you get the round frame with the bird in it? is the cork board a 5×7?
    Thank you!

  13. avatar Alejandra says:

    I really love how you did mixed the colors and frames on the wall. I wish they would show something similar for a boy’s room. I want to do the ABC’s can you tell me what fonts you used?

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  16. avatar Ericka says:

    How did you do the bookshelves?

  17. avatar Jamie says:

    Love this room! So sad that bedding seems to be sold out from Target. I can’t find anything else I like as much!

  18. avatar jenna says:

    Hobby Lobby :)

  19. avatar jenna says:

    It came with the cork in it (purchased at Hobby Lobby in April 2012)

  20. avatar jenna says:

    It is from Hobby Lobby (sorry for the late reply)

  21. avatar Tracy says:

    Love this idea! Where did you get the “love” letters from?

  22. avatar Tracy says:

    Love this idea! Where did you get the “love” letters from?

  23. avatar Rosie says:

    Love the wall! Did the blue frame come with the cork board in it or did you add it? I’ve only found the open back frame like that at hobby lobby.

  24. avatar Sheyra says:

    this is so beautiful! could you tell me where did you get the word love and the letter b?

  25. avatar Kazya says:

    In case she doesn’t have time to respond, i’m going to guess, that she just ordered two bed rails and put them on both sides. Maybe ones like these:
    I’m in the same situation, i’m just going to buy two bed rails.

  26. avatar Myshell says:

    Where did you get the bed from? I have 2 girls who are going to toddler bed but they still need rails on both sides.

  27. avatar Kazya says:

    This is my absolute favorite room I have seen here! You did a fabulous job! I would seriously copy every little detail, if i could. :) So so cute!

  28. avatar rxjenna says:


    It is from Home Depot :)

  29. avatar Emily says:

    Where did the window covering in the window arch come from? I have a large half moon window in my little girl’s room that needs something exactly like that.


  30. avatar rxjenna says:


    Both frames were purchased in store at Hobby Lobby at the end of March. I’m not sure if they still have them or not. Sorry, that probably doesn’t help much.

  31. avatar Kate says:


    Hi Rxjenna,

    I was wondering if you could help with the corkboard and the fabric bird frames? I can’t see them on Hobby Lobby. Were they always frames?

    Thank you so much!!

  32. avatar rxjenna says:


    I just created an 8×10 file on Powerpoint and typed the alphabet. Changed up the colors and fonts, and that was it!

  33. avatar melissa says:

    how did you do the alphabet?

  34. avatar rxjenna says:


    Yes, it is only the headboard. We just used it with a standard bed frame that screws to the headboard.

  35. avatar Kathy says:

    I’m looking int ideas and love the room you’ve designed. I looked on and ffound the Tufted Headboard and Bed. This is only the headboard, correct? What kind of bed frame did you use? TIA

  36. avatar rxjenna says:


    Nope, no glass. I think read on their website that just stopped providing glass for their frames.

  37. avatar Bridgett says:

    Do the frames from cut it out frames have glass? Great room!

  38. avatar Michelle says:

    Such a beautiful room! I love the color scheme! Great job, mama!

  39. avatar Rachael Johnson says:

    I love teh colors, similar to my baby’s room color. Saw that bedding at target, too. I also love the frames, including that one around the cork board. You said you painted some. What type of paint did you use and did you prime first? Spray paint, acrylic?

  40. avatar Emily says:

    Awesome! Thanks!

  41. avatar rxjenna says:


    The shelves are actually DIY rain gutter shelves. Here is the tutorial we used:

    As for spacing, I laid them out on the floor until I got the basic layout that I liked. Then I took a picture of it with my phone so I had a reference to go by. I had my husband hang while I orchestrated. He was a huge help :)

  42. avatar rxjenna says:


    They are both from Hobby Lobby. Hope that helps!

  43. avatar Emily says:

    Hi! Where did the lovely round frame and cork board come from?

  44. avatar Hayley says:

    Beautiful. Love this!

  45. avatar Katie says:

    This room is absolutely gorgeous, Jenna!

  46. avatar Jennifer says:

    I just adore the room Jenna!

  47. avatar Kari says:

    This is just gorgeous, Jenna!

  48. avatar Rosie says:

    Room looks great – love the fact it is so coloful. Maybe my infpiratin when I do Gabi’ s big girl room!

  49. avatar Erika says:

    The room looks perfect!!!! What an inspiration for kids’ rooms. Where did you get the white book shelves? The size of the ledge looks like it would be perfect for my son’s room. Thank you!! (And… any suggestions on how to hang frames so perfectly spaced? It’s awesome!!)

  50. avatar Sue says:

    So Cute!!! Brynn is a very lucky little girl.

  51. This is the CUTEST room ever! Love it so much!

  52. avatar Jenny says:

    Thank you!!

  53. avatar Heather says:


    Great! Thanks!

  54. avatar rxjenna says:


    Heather: Here is a pic of the formula from the can:

  55. avatar Heather says:

    Love the paint color!!! Its so soft. Would you happen to have the formula written on the can that you can pass along?

  56. avatar Jenny says:

    Is that a toddler chair? could you tell me what the name was? thanks!

  57. avatar Cara says:

    Love the chair and headboard. I plan to make a headboard like that for my daughter when she is older.