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Brooklyn’s Home Depot Party


Home Depot in Ingelwood, CA was generous enough to host our son's 4th Birthday party! The store manager helped us in figuring out the projects that each child would do, and had her artist create a Birthday Banner. She even had each child's name written on their Home Depot aprons. Each child got to build a bird house and a tool box. We then sent them on a scavenger hunt to find tools and other hardware items. We provided all of the goodies to "Build a House" with graham crackers, peanut butter and other treats.

I bought grocery store sheet cake, and cut, smashed and mushed it up to make it look like a construction site. We crumbled Oreos on top and placed mini construction vehicles.

Design Inspiration

Since the party was at Home Depot, we went with an overall construction theme. Our son LOVES tools and building, so we incorporated the theme into the food, decorations and cake.

Decorating Style

Pretty funky and eclectic


Contact your local Home Depot and see if they would be willing to host your child's party. The staff had an amazing time, and the parents loved working on these projects with their children.

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  2. avatar talia says:

    Awesome! How much did they charge?

  3. avatar angela says:

    Great party? Where did you find the Home Depot Aprons?