Brooke’s Pink Sky Big Girl Room

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This room was for a pink loving little girl named Brooke who's family had just moved into a new home.  They saw this as an opportunity to properly transition Brooke into a big girl room, finally parting ways with the crib and nursery odds and ends and investing in some pieces that would grow with her for the next many years.

I like to keep as much open floor space in a child's room as possible for play.  I suggested we pull the doors off one of the closets (she has 2 in her room!) and move her existing changing table/dresser into it.  We painted the back of the closet the same shade as the ceiling and her old changing table got new knobs and a coat of glossy white paint.  It is the sweetest little vanity area with vintage brass butterflies all aflutter.  I had a few of these in my hoarding stash and we slowly amassed more for the nook.  The grouping of them like this is just so fun!

Design Inspiration

Brooke had a few little butterfly decor pieces in the room when I first visited.  I loved the innocence and whimsy the butterflies added but I wanted to do it in a little more modern and sophisticated way that didn't read super baby-ish.  I started pulling together inspiration items, colors and fabrics and landed on this combination of a little metallic, a bold floral and a lot of pink.  The gorgeous over scale floral pattern became the starting point for all the other textiles in the room and I knew it would look phenomenal on a headboard.  What a statement!  I love that it incorporates so many cheery colors - pink, teal, chartreuse green and even some lavender. Originally we were going to pick up on more of the greens for the room but ended up changing course and going with a subtle teal/aqua accent instead.

Decorating Style

New England New Traditional

Project Details

All the sources for this room can be found here.

Favorite Items

I have a few!  The headboard because the fabric is just spectacular.  The vanity area with those vintage brass butterflies is so fun and unexpected, and I love that we were able to repurpose an existing piece.  And I LOVE the paper flowers over the family photos.


Think creatively about your space and how best to use it.  Putting a dresser inside a closet is certainly not anyone's first inclination but it opened up the room so beautifully and allowed us to create something really special.  And never, ever, ever underestimate the power of a painted ceiling.  Gets me every time.


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    This is a great timeless room for a little girl to grow in. Love the style and choices so simple yet makes a huge statement.

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    Did you use satin or flat paint? I am doing my nursery in the same colors and can’t decide if I should do satin. Thanks!

  3. 5

    Hey there! I love this room. So cute for a little girl. I was wondering where I can get the curtains from? I found everything else but the curtains and the ones I found from pottery barn didn’t match the pink in the comforter. If you can let me know that would be great.

  4. 6

    I’m wondering where this headboard fabric is from/ who makes it/ what it is called. It’s beautiful! Thanks,

  5. 7
  6. 8

    I found it myself! Braemore Emperor’s Garden Blossom is the name. I just searched for it on google.

  7. 12
  8. 13

    Where did you find the ceiling lamp? What is it called exactly? I’d love to buy the exact same one!

  9. 15

    Thank you for the info on the wall decals…I’m going to buy paint today before I can put those on but I wanna get the perfect color to match…what is the color of pink you painted the walls with.I’m going to scherwin Williams today and need to know asap..THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP!

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