Brody’s Nintendo Nursery

  • Nintendo Theme Nursery1/33
  • Handmade Tetris Shelves2/33
  • Pacman Mobile3/33
  • Etsy Shy Guy Trio Poster Set4/33
  • IKEA Lack Wall Shelf5/33
  • Etsy Tetris Magnets6/33
  • Batman Kids Decor7/33
  • Green PIcture Frame8/33
  • Black and Yellow Picture Frames9/33
  • Striped Jo-Ann Fabric Curtains and IKEA NINNI TRÅD Sheer Curtains10/33
  • Red Lamp11/33
  • Nintendo Remote Control iPod Dock12/33
  • Nintendo Console13/33
  • Flower Night Light14/33
  • Nintendo Controller Artwork15/33
  • DIY Nintendo Controller Artwork16/33
  • Nintendo GAME BOY retro art print17/33
  • Black Converse High Tops18/33
  • Keep Calm and Game On Artwork19/33
  • Star Wars R2-D2 Toy20/33
  • Nintendo GAME BOY art print21/33
  • Molded Green Plastic Rocker22/33
  • Stuffed Orange Pacman Ghost23/33
  • Molded Green Plastic Rocker and Tetris Pillow24/33
  • Green Clock and Cross Stitch Art25/33
  • You Complete Me Cross Stitch Art26/33
  • Dr. Seuss Books27/33
  • Sneetch Dr. Seuss Stuffed Plush28/33
  • Batman Piggy Bank29/33
  • Double Hanging Space in Nursery Closet30/33
  • Changing Table with Storage Bins31/33
  • IKEA Antonius Storage System32/33
  • Changing Table in Closet33/33


An old school Nintendo theme for our first little boy.

Design Inspiration

My husband and I are both gamers. I wanted to do something modern, eclectic and colorful to suit my tastes as well as fun for both of us to enjoy.  I didn't want it to be to "themey" so I added in the Nintendo vibe with art and accents.

Decorating Style


Project Details

Gulliver IKEA White Crib

Hampen Bright Green IKEA Rug

IKEA Lack Wall Shelf

IKEA Antonius Storage System


Target: Picture frames, lamp, Tetris pillow and clock

Etsy: - Night light

Etsy: - Keep calm print

Etsy: - Tetris magnets

Etsy: Shy Guy Trio Poster Set

Etsy: Nintendo GAME BOY retro art print

Etsy: - Ipod dock

Etsy: - Pacman figures

Walmart: Curtain rods

Jo-Ann Fabric: Striped curtain fabric, bed skirt fabric

Michaels: Shadow boxes, scrapbook paper, cross stitch materials

Molded plastic rocker: internet purchase (I forget what site)

My husband made the Tetris shelves and the yellow book shelf.  I made all the cross stitches as well as the controller artwork.  I put the mobile together myself with the Pacman figures I got from Etsy.

Favorite Items

I LOVE the rocking chair. It was a gift from a former coworker. I also love the way the handmade Nintendo controller artwork turned out. And of course my husband's handmade Tetris shelves! Love all the storage they provide!


I try not to be too "themey", so I didn't go for Mario fabrics or things like this. I tried to bring in the Nintendo vibe with artwork more than anything else.


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