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Brody’s Bright DIY 1st Birthday


We always love celebrating our children's birthdays and making them feel special.  For Brody's 1st birthday, we wanted a colorful and cheerful and fun environment for our very fun little man.  We wanted everything to be about him.  He isn't old enough to choose a favorite color yet so we just picked the brightest and happiest colors we could since he is just the happiest little boy.  

Design Inspiration

Brody, Pinterest, Primary colors

Decorating Style

I am a pretty traditional decorator and am very budget conscious.  Although I am not the craftiest person in the world, if I see something I like, I may attempt to recreate it.  I love Pinterest for ideas and inspiration but usually tweak the ideas to make them work for me.  

Project Details

I made the birthday banners, party hats, week-by-week photo display, etc. using ideas that I got from Pinterest or other online blogs and sites.  I ordered his birthday t-shirt from this Etsy shop:

Favorite Items

I love his weekly photos!  I enjoyed these little photo sessions every week because they gave us a chance to slow down and enjoy precious moments together.  While a lot of people do the weekly or monthly photos in plain onesies or in the same outfit every time to see how much the baby grows, I loved dressing him in his different outfits so that I can remember how cute he looked wearing them and how old he was when he wore them.  Plus, I loved "theming" the outfits around different holidays and occasions.  


No matter what look or theme you go with, just remember that this is your or your child's special day.  Make it about them and enjoy it!