Brinley’s 1st Birthday Party

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  • Brinley is One First Modern Floral Birthday - Project Nursery
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The theme of the birthday party was based around a dollie I purchased off Project Nursery's shop. I fell in love with the doll the second I saw it and knew right away I wanted to theme my daughter's 1st birthday party after it. I used all the colors for the party from the different fabrics in the doll, from the mint colored fabric with pink flowers to the white fabric with gold polka-dots. I was able to find the same fabrics used on the dollie to make Brinley an outfit and to make other decor for the party. The pink paper flowers were inspired by the pink flowers in the mint fabric. The gold polka-dots from the doll's tights were used throughout the party. And since I made a little tutu for the dollie, I added ballerina touches to the party as well. Each little girl that attended the birthday was given a tutu as a party favor and all the little boys indulged in a candy buffet of pink, mint and gold treats. And because I LOVE desserts, there had to be a dessert station (for the adults of course!). I definitely had fun planning my sweet little daughter's birthday party all thanks to that adorable dollie!


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    I made the romper myself. If you’re interested in one, I can make you one and ship it. I have seen the same style on Email me at [email protected] for more info about it :) I can also send photos of the same style with different fabrics that I have made in the past.

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    I absolutely love this romper! Are you still able to make one? If so, I am very interested in purchasing one.

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    Love the romper! I emailed you, but can you give me details on the cost of you making one for my daughter? Thanks!

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