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Brigid’s Organic Modern Nursery


My first daughter's room was a joy to create, I still love everything about it a year later, and am looking forward to making room in it for her baby sister!

Design Inspiration

The first thing I wanted to use was the green silk fabric I had from our wedding. We used it as our aisle runner and I covered the rocking chair in it and used the color throughout the room. It gave me a feeling of continuity, from our wedding to our baby, it was a "common thread." I wanted an organic comfortable feeling in the room, clean but not sterile, soft but not too precious.

Decorating Style

I think my style is eclectic and bohemian but clean and modern too. Each thing is carefully chosen and if possible handmade to make it unique and special. I love the hunt for the perfect pieces and the challenge of doing on a budget.

Project Details

I used Misty Lilac from Lowes for the walls with a glossy white on the moldings and matte white on the ceiling. The grey carpet is neutral and goes well with the Blik wall stickers of Anise flowers by Ilan Dei. The crib, dresser and changing table are from WalMart, I found out they are exactly the same as the Baby Miro brand for around $100 less per piece so I was able afford the big dresser too, score! The art in the green frames is actually wallpaper samples from an amazing store called Walnut here in Los Angeles. I also used some of their paper in my mobile. I made the mobile by cutting circles of different paper and stringing them together on two embroidery hoops. The green frames were black when I bought them and I used a semi-gloss Lowes paint in Shamrock (I think) to make them match the chair and crib skirt. The shelves are from Target and the white hexagons above the shelf are from Big Lots. The curtains I found online at Urban Outifitters and they complement the Anise flower wall decals beautifully. My Mom made the beautiful quilt to complement the grass green duponi silk. The daisy shaped ceiling fan is from OSH. I found the crystal and glass light on Ebay. Luckily the light lavender glass doorknob came with our house!

Favorite Items

My rocking chair, Mom's handmade quilt and my handmade mobile.


Choose a few things like a flower, a color or a texture and repeat it with variations. Choose what you love, hings that make you feel good within those themes and you can't go wrong. Also, don't be afraid to ask your friends for their opinion or help.


Thursday 26th of August 2010

Chandra99:  Thanks for sharing this room.  I love the choice of colors.  I adore the mobile that you made.  Great work!


Friday 20th of August 2010

I just love the simplicity of this room.  I really love your concept of a common thread.


Monday 9th of August 2010

The Anise pattern was pretty easy to put on. I don't think I will be removing them any time soon though so it is hard to tell if I could get them off without damaging the paint underneath. Blik does have a Re-Stick line though, that is meant to be easily removable and reusable that I am sure would not damage anything.


Monday 26th of July 2010

Just curious - were the Blik stickers easy to use? Do you feel like they are going to damage your walls? I've been thinking about using them, and the pattern you used is one of my faves. Thanks.