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a jungle inspired nursery full of colour to inspire our little boys imagination.

Design Inspiration

we wanted a room that could grow with our boy that could feel like it was "his" space, a space for him to have fun and imagine.

Decorating Style

budget conscious, playful

Project Details

bookcase, leaf canopy, curtains, rug - Ikea
animal prints in frames, wall letters, change station - diy
crib - secondhand


if you're going to go bold, just go for it. the first brush stroke of lime green on a wall can be scary, but with the right accents, it can come together nicely.


  1. 1

    gorgeous and perfect! you guys did an amazing job and he is so adorable! congratulations :)

  2. 2

    DarlingDearest: I think that this is the best room ever.  I love the green you used for this room, what is the specific color you used? 

  3. 3
  4. 4

    If you’re going to do bright colors, do it big. You sure pulled that off! I don’t get the wallpaper on the window wall but the other colors all work great together. It looks like a fun, vibrant place to LIVE, not just SLEEP in. I’m really digging your changing station. The open concept is cool. It seems things are more easily accesible (not sure if that’s good for the little fingers tho!) and is far more modern than a traditional dresser.

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