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Bright and Fresh Gender Neutral Nursery


Bright and Fresh Neutral Nursery

Design Inspiration

We were inspired by the color palette of gray, white and yellow to create a modern and traditional nursery for our first child.  Since we didn't find out the sex of our baby, we wanted to create a nursery that would welcome a little boy or girl.  At the same time, we also wanted a nursery that wouldn't be too childish and would outgrow the baby.

Decorating Style

We enjoy traditional and modern elements in our design.

Project Details

One of our design goals was to repurpose as many elements in the nursery to keep our budget low.  When we couldn't find something that we liked, such as bedding, we figured out how to make our own.  As a result, we created a unique and personalized nursery for our baby.

Favorite Items

I love the white tree decal against the gray accent wall.


I recommend that the PN readers think both short-term and long-term as they design and decorate their baby's nursery, so that they create a space that the baby can grow up in as he/she gets older.

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  1. avatar crazyhoanqn says:


  2. avatar judyk says:

    Lisa Myers,

    Looks like the decal is from Simple Shapes. They have two websites for two different sizes:

    Simple Shapes

    Simple Shapes on Etsy (smaller tree)

  3. avatar Lisa Myers says:

    Where did you get the tree decal? That’s exactly what I’m looking for! Please let me know! Adorable room!!


  4. avatar Jennifer says:

    I absolutely love the soft yellow with the grey, any suggestions on how to make the bumper and the skirt? I am not a sewer at all!!! Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. avatar Emma says:


    Looks like the sidetable and shelves are from IKEA. They are called Noresund (table) and Lack (shelves)

    Otherwise, love the room.

  6. avatar Jean says:

    Im also curious where the shelves are from and the color of grey paint. Very cute room!

  7. avatar decorjanbaby says:

    Love, Love, Love this room. it goes along the lines of what I’m planning (in my head) to do to our nursery. did you use two different colors of grey in the room. I would be interested in knowing which paint/color(s) you used. Great work!

  8. avatar Erin says:

    Love this room! What color grey did you use?

  9. avatar Kara says:

    Beautiful! Where did you get the adorable white side table (with yellow lamp on it) and where are the shelves from?

  10. avatar Trudi says:

    Cute room!! Where did you get your crib?

  11. avatar zajana says:

    very very pretty

  12. avatar Lindsay says:

    I love the room! I was curious where you purchased your crib from? It’s exactly what we are looking for! Thanks!

  13. avatar RocPin says:

    I love it! I love all the shelving. Great job!