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Bratt Decor: Park Ave, Contemporary


A clean, modern nursery featuring Bratt Decor's Manhattan Collection in white. The walls were created using engineered flooring from home depot, and put up horizontally, which creates a very contemporary feel. The modern leather chaise offers an elegant choice for a nursing chair.

Design Inspiration

I got inspiration for this room from a photo of a gorgeous Caribbean beach, the sand, sky, and water all all present.  It inspires a calm, peaceful feeling.

Decorating Style

When it comes to decorating, I love originality and authenticity. Every client and every space comes with their own style and history which needs to be honored.  And  woven into all of my designs is a sense of sophistication, whatever the aesthetic.   

Project Details

Great tips for creating your dream space:

1.  consider your space: max small spaces and create intimacy in large spaces

2.  put something personal in the space so you feel a connection to it.

3.  consider your pallet:  it's best to pick a few color and stick to them, rather than a million different pallets.  

Favorite Items

Always the crib.


Less is more.  The first nursery space can be quite spartan.  Remember they are newborns and really don't need a lot.  Clutter will come, but keep it to a minimum and keep your sanity.


Friday 8th of April 2011

I'm not modern or contemporary but even I want that chaise!


Monday 28th of March 2011

I would love to see more of this room.  I think that it needs more playful and colorful things on the walls, on shelves and just about anywhere.  Not bad though, if you are going for a minimalist and relaxing feel.