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Boy Nursery


Cute, comfortable, affordable nursery for our baby boy. After picking out the furniture and the bedding everything else just fell into place... Please comment and ask questions, I had so much fun putting together his room, I would love to help someone with their project :)

Design Inspiration

The bedding... I picked it out before we had even confirmed it was a boy. The first time I saw it I had a vision of what I wanted and after indeed finding out he was a HE, we purchased the bedding and started basing everything around it. :)

Decorating Style

Modern, affordable and utilized.

Project Details

We purchased the crib, the dresser and the mattress first, from Burlington Coat Factory (yes they have lots more things other then COATS). Then after knowing for sure he was a "boy" we got the bedding, lamp, changing table, mobile, sheets, extra sheets for the changing table, from Babies R Us (with a 20% off coupon, saving us a ton). Soon after we painted the room, we cleaned it throughly and put in the furniture and then decorated. I couldn't find any art to match his bedding so I ended up taking the matching decals, purchasing picture frames to fit the decals, making a white background with scrapbook paper and just making our own art. The decals (Babies R Us) were $19.99 and for (4 large, 1 med, 1 sm) picture frames I paid $60 (IKEA) so all together I spent $80 and about an hour to make them, but they turned out to be great little additions and everyone loves them! (I am even considering starting a little business making them, but we'll see :)) Then we had put up the decorations, started buying him toys to play with and filling up the bins. After the baby shower the room got filled with toys and so did his closet! All together it took me 6 weeks to finish the room and have everything good and ready for him. I had everything ready to go by the time I was 32 weeks.

Favorite Items

His crib :)


You can save lots of money by shopping around first and not buying everything all at once. Sign up for Babies R Us rewards program, they will send you crazy good coupons which WILL come in handy. Make sure you ask for the things you NEED from the baby shower (like a changing table, a chair for the room) Take your time with picking everything out and shop around online. Make sure to always save receipts just in case you want to return something (you don't want to buy a crib, bring it home and put it together after a month only to find out it's missing parts and then not have a receipt)


Saturday 24th of December 2011

Where did you find the bookcase that is under the window?


Monday 25th of April 2011

Sorry guys I've been keeping busy with the little one. 

We painted the blue stripes and the rest of the room, the beige was the color prior... so it matched perfect!

The storage bookshelf came from Ikea for around $50. 

The blue came from Lowe's but I am not sure on the exact color (sorry).

I will be updating the pictures soon since the room has changed a little bit :)


Sunday 12th of December 2010

I was wondering what color blue you used?


Tuesday 30th of November 2010

Hi VictoriaCollins:  Sorry about that, I think I was a bit confused when I reviewed the room :(  Nevertheless, it's still a great looking room :)


Monday 15th of November 2010

Sigh... I just love this room so much.  Where'd you get that storage cabinets/shelves?  I love how you could display teddies on it and all and it's still coming off neat.  Victoria, you should rest for the next few days, if I'm counting it right, it's going to be less than a week before we all get to meet Declan! :)