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My client, who had a clear vision for the look and feel she wanted in this nursery, contacted me months before her baby was due.  She knew she wanted some type of wainscotting, soft colours and a somewhat "boho" feel to the space.  Above all else, she knew she'd be spending a lot of time there, so she wanted to love it.  And I'm happy to say she does!

Design Inspiration

Apart from my client's vision, the art prints drove the direction of the design.  The Gallery Wall really reflects the inspiration for the space.  We wanted a bit of rustic but to still keep the room fresh and airy feeling.  I think we achieved that by adding the rustic elements, like the furniture, the wood table and some of the art, but also keeping the paint colour light, adding some more contemporary pieces like the mobile, the lighting, the glider and the rug.

Decorating Style

Contemporary with a bit of rustic!

Favorite Items

It's hard to choose,  But I'd say the Gallery Wall.  I love the mix of traditional art prints and three dimensional pieces like the animal mounts.  I also really like that the room has a quiet softness about it.  That being said, I really love the "pop" of turquoise we added here and there to liven up the grey and white palette.


Always test your paint colours!  Every colour can change it's look depending on the lighting sources in a room.  And do it on a big poster board - so you can move it around the room.  Also, remember to mix textures and finishes so the room to add lots of interest and so that it doesn't appear "flat".  Just make sure the finishes are consistent with the "look" or style you are going for.


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    Anyone know where the crib is from or what brand? It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for!

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    Hi there. Gorgeous nursery!! I hope this is okay to add. I also make kid’s play tents. My facebook page is I also have an Etsy shop called PlayInTheWoods. Check things and contact me if interested! Thank you! Sheila

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    Is that wainscotting a set of panels or a DIY? This is exactly the look we want for our nursery and I’d love to know where you found this. Thanks!

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