Boho Meets Mid Century Baby Boy Nursery

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When my friend and fellow Miami Mom Blogger and creative, Geri Del Vento, asked me to collaborate with her on her baby boy's nursery, the answer was a definitive yes!  I knew Geri would be willing to take some design risks that some clients aren't willing to take - wallpaper, eclectic lighting and untraditional decorative accents - which makes projects so. much. fun.  And I was right!

This space was inspired by some of the boho and mid century designs I've seen lately but also, I was driven by making various textures, furniture and elements work together within a relatively small nursery.  And Geri is super creative and had a vision and inspiration as well (ahem, how about that neon sign #amiright?!).  From black metals to industrial lighting and dresser, blending mid century with current design was in full effect here.

My advice and tips are similar to any project - there are no design rules!  Decorating spaces and space planning are not black and white projects.  There should be true creativity and pushing status quo to make a space feel differentiated and personal.  We started with a somewhat traditional Restoration Hardware changing table/dresser and I was adamant that I not "match" the rest of the space.  Instead, I wanted a design that represented baby Leo and his parents, regardless of what the design rules say!  So, HAVE FUN AND TAKE RISKS!  And don't be afraid of wallpaper and neon signs ;)

Photo Credit - Yesi Flores @simplylively
Designed by - Ann Ueno @annuenointeriordesign

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