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Boho Chic Teal and Blush Nursery


When we found out that Baby Provencher was on her way, I was so excited! And then I realized I had a very valid excuse to completely redecorate a room – and then Pinterest didn’t know what hit it. I searched the Internet from top to bottom looking for inspiration, and I shopped ’til I dropped (almost literally… pregnancy fatigue is real) and now we have our dream nursery and are so happy with it.

I picked the color scheme first. I adore the dark turquoise color you see on the accent wall… my obsession with it started while we were on our honeymoon in France. My husband and I were paddle boarding on the Mediterranean and I looked down into the water and saw that color, and I’ve been enamored with it ever since. I wanted to add a bit of a feminine touch to the space, so I paired it with a muted blush pink color along with lots of whites and natural tones so the whole space feels very open and inviting. Read more about my nursery design process here.

We started with a blank slate, removing everything from the room; I would recommend that to anyone... it's easier to fill it back up with exactly what you're envisioning instead of settling for a mishmash of items. This space used to be a guest room... see what it looked like here. Also, be sure to pick a color scheme first and then bring swatches (and also room measurements) out with you while you're shopping. This will avoid having to make a ton of returns, which are really annoying to do when you're super pregnant and just want to sit on the couch!

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  1. avatar Jenn says:

    OH that makes it even better!!! I’m going to have to recreate it…. its adorable!

  2. Thanks Jenn! It’s actually handmade… my dad made the base in wood shop when he was a kid and I made the tassels for the lampshade :)

  3. avatar Jenn says:

    I love this room! Where is the little table lamp with the tassels from?