Boho Baby Nursery

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Boho has always been my favourite style so when it came to decorating my baby girls room it was an easy decision to go that route! The rainbow decals inspired me because she is our rainbow baby! Love the desert color scheme how it’s soft and pastel tones. Super calming for our little babe.


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    Does the mirror come with the green florals or is that separate decor? If separate, where are the green florals from?

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    I was wondering where did you purchase the standing basket on the side of the dresser? The one where you filled in with diapers. Thank you much ❤️.

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    Love this room!! Where is the closet system from? Having a hard time finding a track system without wire shelves.

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    The shelves above dresser were made by my husband and but you can find almost exact ones at Ikea. The wicker diaper holder beside dresser is from HomeSense (I live in Canada so it’d be HomeGoods if you’re in the states, all my wicker baskets are from there. The dream catcher is from there as well. The canopy hanger was found at a local boutique years ago !

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    Also curtains are from urban outfitters as well as rug. Everything is in the description that can be found :)

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    Where are the large tall fluffy feather decorations from! So sweet I want to buy those for my sister

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    Hi Emily, Search for pampas grass! There are so many different kinds available, different heights, different colors. It’s super trendy right now.

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    Hi!! I’m loving this entire room but I really have my sites set on that canopy with the baby mobile. Please please tell me where I can find it! I’m having a rainbow baby too!

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    Also interested in room colour!?! Also in Canada :)

    That’s where I’m stumped right now – also into the boho look and simple white seems too stark but I’m really bad at choosing proper shades/tones. Already bought a can of a light grey we thought would be nice and it’s the farthest things from what we thought it would look like

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