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Blue Skies Nursery with Cloud Wallpaper


This nursery was ready for a new cohesive aesthetic, something soft and playful that still felt mature enough for a young child to grow into. So, we chose a bright and crisp palette with pops of soft blues, whites, creams and light wood tones — and now it feels like a breathe of fresh air! As soon as I walked into the room I knew that we needed to accentuate the ten foot slanted wall; this room was just calling for something special! After sourcing multiple wallpaper options, we landed on an ethereal cloud mural complete with soaring birds. It makes the room feel so much bigger and brighter, which proves just how powerful wallpaper can be.

I would have generally been inclined to source a neutral rug to pair with this wall mural, but we went in a different direction and chose a saturated blue vintage printed rug from the Magnolia Home collection. It really grounds the room, works cohesively with the colour story and adds a rich quality to the space. One of my favourite tried and true design tricks is to hang a mirror across an accent wall — how stunning is the reflection of the wallpaper in the round white wooden mirror? It contrasts the whitewashed ash dresser and brings added texture to the space.

I’m a firm believer that specialty toys and accessories are just as important as the larger key elements in a room — from the wooden trucks, to the cute fish cushion, blue table lamp, patterned star cushion and wall banner, your eyes move across every corner so effortlessly. I also love incorporating personal items in all of my room projects, like this stunning Japanese ‘Sumi-e’ ink painting, which was painted by my mini client’s grandmother.

Bringing longevity and function to the room was very important for my clients, so we added a tall cubby bookcase for bins and toy collections, and created a reading nook with book ledges and a large canvas bean bag. Over the years, this corner can be transformed into a homework zone with a desk and chair, and the crib and glider can be swapped out for a twin daybed.

I’m so happy with the end result of this bright and tranquil room; we completely transformed it into a dreamy space… nothing but blue skies here!