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Blake’s Winter Candyland


1st Birthday Party for my son Blake

Design Inspiration

My inspiration was the penguin graphic that I create followed by the main colors in the & aqua

Decorating Style

Fun & Fresh!

Project Details

I created all of the printables, along with the birthday posters, paper trees, and lollipop bouquets.

The Cookie Jar - Adorably Decorated Sugar Cookies

Two Sugar Babies - Fantastic Fondant Cupcake Toppers

Modern Cupcake - Local  Fabulous Cupcakes

Apple Velvet Photography - photog

Jackie Lindfors Photography - photog

Favorite Items

The cake!  I had the cake made at Target with a few special requests.  I had them make the cake 3 layers instead of 2.  THen they iced it with a smooth buttercream.  I had them add red polkadots, and a red beaded trim.  The rest was done at home...I ordered fabulous decorated cookies from The Cookie Jar on Etsy that I placed on top of the cake along with some swirly lollipops found at Target.


It is never too early to start planning your parties.  This way you can set your theme and start looking for deals.  Also picking up items along the way instead of all at once is easier on the budget.


Friday 17th of May 2013

Hello!! Very beautiful!! congratulation!! I also would like to know where did you find the wall paper on the back. Thanks a lot!!


Wednesday 23rd of November 2011

I Love the colors where did you find the wall paper on the back ? Is great!


Thursday 6th of January 2011



Thursday 30th of December 2010

I love the colors of this party.  Exciting.  And it helps that all the decors here are like something new to the eyes.  No cliches!


Wednesday 29th of December 2010

Fabulous cake, I agree!!!  But I think it's those cute little sugar cookies that takes the cake (no pun intended!)