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Blair’s Blushing Nursery


This is our second child and second girl! Since the gender of our first child was a surprise, we didn't have much to work with, design wise. This time around we decided to find out the gender and we couldn't wait to design the perfect room for another baby girl. We knew we wanted blush pink and gold accents to create a soft, sophisticated and angelic look, and aimed to keep it simple and sweet. We loved the way the floral 'B' turned out, which was handmade by momma, and we used inter-changeable frames which are perfect for a quick and easy transition as baby grows. We kept a lot of the same furniture from baby girl No. 1, but purchased a new white dresser, which we painted the hardware to add elements of gold. The mirror used was an old mirror that we also painted the same shade of gold to pair well with her dresser. We purchased a few decor pieces and  incorporated a few handmade signs used for her "Baby Sprinkle" that helped pulled it all together.

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  1. avatar Jovita says:

    Hi! Where did you get the corner shelves?

  2. avatar Jovita says:

    Where did you get the corner shelves?

  3. avatar Kari Callaghan says:

    Hello where did you get the corner shelves from ?

  4. avatar Kim Nguyen says:

    Please tell me where you bought those corner shelves from ! I really want them for my nursery.

  5. avatar Sarah Thor says:

    Hi There
    Please tell me where you got those corner shelves. Love them

  6. avatar Lindsay says:

    My daughters name is Blair and this is the same theme we have!! 😮😮

  7. avatar Marie-France says:

    Hey! Where did you purchase the white floating corners from?
    Thank you in advance!

  8. avatar Beth says:

    Hi everybody, The shelves look similar to some I saw at Target recently. Not an exact match but close. Good luck!

  9. avatar Kelly says:

    Please tell me where I can find shelves like the corner ones!

  10. avatar Mary says:

    Where can I get these shelves?

  11. avatar Dusty says:

    The corner shelves look great. Where did you get them?

  12. avatar Linnea says:

    Where are the corner floating shelves from? I love them!

  13. avatar Kathy says:

    Where ate the corber shelves from? Thx they’re stunning.

  14. avatar Deanna says:

    Where are the white corner shelves from?? Love it!!

  15. avatar Janelle says:


    Where is the dresser from?