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Blaire’s California Modern Nursery


We didn't learn our baby girl's gender before hand so it took me a while to complete her nursery. I chose gray for the color scheme knowing we could add pops of pink or green depending on if we were blessed with a girl or a boy. Pink it is! We live in Southern California so I wanted a nursery that reflected our relaxed modern California style.

Design Inspiration

I knew I wanted gray for our nursery.  We purchased the Oeuf Sparrow crib before she was born, but it wasn't until after her birth that I really started adding to the design of the room.

Decorating Style

Modern, yet minimalist with clean lines.  I like decorating with neutrals so I can mix things up with different colors when I need a change.

Project Details

The dresser was our bargain find.  We found it at our local Goodwill store for $20 and then daddy sanded and painted it. I also had a friend make all our pillow covers.  Our window coverings are basic white roller shades that I covered with fabric.

Favorite Items

We love the day bed.  We cuddle and read books on it every night and it's great for Nanny to stay when she visits.  I also love our rocker.  It's not as bulky as some of the rockers/gliders out there and we can take it from room to room.


We invested in a few nice pieces with some bargain items mixed in.  I'm not a crafty person, so I asked for help from friends who are!  

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  1. avatar Jessica says:

    i love the wall decal, but it seems they don’t have it anymore on
    do you know what the flower is called by any chance? thank you and beautiful nursery!

  2. avatar limarie says:

    hey! Where did you order the “Your Are my Sunshine’ personalized frame???/

  3. avatar cheathat says:

    fantastic birth annoucement

  4. avatar allybt says:

    Thanks for the comments!  I was nervous to tackle the shades but it really was pretty easy.  I simply cut the fabric and glued it on with a spray adhesive from 3M (specifically for fabric and plastic).  I only glued enough fabric to cover the shade when they are down, probably about half the length of the shade.

  5. avatar sunsetescape says:

    Love the room!  If I have a daughter next her room will also be gray!  She will be in our current room which is gray right now and I thought I would just leave it since pink and yellow look good with gray.  AWESOME Idea with the roller shades!  I think I may have to do that in my sons bedroom!  What kind of adhesive did you use?!

  6. avatar elink14 says:

    I love the room! Can you please tell me how you made the shades with fabric? I love that idea!

  7. avatar allybt says:

    The wall decal is from Blik.  Our reproduction Eames rocker is from a warehouse here in LA, but you can find them all over the internet.  You can get them in lots of fun colors!  Thanks for your comment!

  8. avatar BriskRain says:

    I so love how clean and comfy this room feels.  It’s so relaxing to look at, I just wonder what it would feel like to be in it! But what made this room even lovelier is the photographs you have.  So sweet!  Where did you get your wall decal, that is a unique touch.  I also would love to find out where you got that lovely rocker.  

  9. avatar allybt says:

    The bedskirt was made by a talented girl on Etsy (her shop is called fingers and toes).  The sheet is Dwell for Target. Thanks for your comment!

  10. avatar twstdhrt says:

    Very cute room! Where is the bedding from?