Black & White Nursery

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I am a huge fan of black & white and knew I wanted to incorporate that into our nursery. I chose the bold blue/gray paint color as a nice contrast to the decor pieces. There is no real decoration “theme” but more so a collection of pieces I loved. We upcycled an old solid wood (brown) dresser, into this gorgeous black piece with original hardware. Love the turnout and how it all came together!!


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    I too would like to know what the paint color is called? I love this color and I have been trying to match it but I am not having any luck! Thank you!

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    I just painted my nursery in Behr’s Blueprint and looks almost exact! So beautiful and sophisticated for my little mans room!

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    I think this is an older post, but wondering what the paint colour is? It’s exactly what I’m looking for.

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