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Black, White and Gold Glam Nursery


Monochromatic black and white design with a glamorous pop of gold! Lots of different patterns and textures make the room interesting and unexpected for a nursery. Chic, sophisticated, and cool enough to last for years! Feminine without being too girly.

Design Inspiration

Black, white and gold is pretty trendy right now so finding decor and inspiration was easy. I also strongly dislike traditional girl colors and designs like pinks, purples, flowers, butterflies, princesses, etc. and so my thought was, "What would I like in a room designed for myself as a child?" I also wanted it to be versatile enough that she would appreciate it for years to come, as well as have pieces of furniture that could be used throughout the house when she outgrows them.

Decorating Style

There are a LOT of DIY projects here. Many pieces were painted and revamped to work in this room, as opposed to buying new. We also are working with a small space, so finding just the right spot for everything was important, which included maximizing the use of the closet. This style is very modern and hip, nontraditional and sophisticated. We lovingly refer to it as the "Beyonce Baby" room.

Project Details

  1. The dressers and nightstands have been in our home for years, first as master bedroom furniture (there is also a matching queen sleigh bed), then as spare bedroom furniture. We painted everything using the same paint as the walls.
    1. Behr Marquee Limousine Leather in flat
    2. Behr Marquee Cameo white in semi-gloss
    3. Ralph Lauren Parlor Gold Metallic
  2. The crib is from Wal-Mart and is convertible. We bought it because the color is "oil black" but it looks more dark brown in person than I hoped.
  3. The framed prints were purchased from various etsy and online shops, while most were framed using IKEA frames. Some came from Hobby Lobby, as well as the tray on the changing table. They have a lot of great decor items in black white and gold.
  4. The picture ledges were also from IKEA.  I bought several sizes and colors.
  5. Curtains from IKEA. Curtain rod from a thrift store and painted.
  6. Love the little doggie butt hooks from IKEA; bought black and dipped in gold paint.
  7. IKEA storage boxes for the closet.
  8. Large monogram ordered from etsy.
  9. Gorgeous splurge of a mobile from Baby Jives.
  10. White vinyl ottoman for storage from Wal-Mart.
  11. Faux sheepskin rug from Home Depot.
  12. Cool recliner/glider from Wal-Mart (already owned ottoman).
  13. Awesome Golden Slumbers lyrics decalfrom etsy.
  14. Many other items were DIY projects, either by myself or my friends. Most were pinterest inspired, of course!
    1. crib ribbons
    2. pillows
    3. sheets
    4. cloth diaper hanger
    5. hair accessory holder
    6. lamps

Favorite Items

A few of my favorite items in the room are...

  1. The Golden Slumbers decal, because it is so fitting for a nursery and I love the Beatles.
  2. The gorgeous faux sheepskin rug that no one is allowed to walk on!
  3. All the wonderful gifts made by my friends, such as the soft changing pad cover, wipes container, and circle dot mobile.


  1. Add a pop of color when using black and white designs! The gold really sets this project off, but you could easily do coral, mint green, aqua, (all more common) or other metallics like silver or bronze.
  2. Be aware that good metallic paint is hard to find and expensive, but worth it!
  3. Also, spray paint is a miracle worker and you can paint more than you might think! Hardware, furniture, decor, just about anything can be revamped for CHEAP again and again!
  4. Horizontal stripes are tough, but they look amazing. They are even more difficult to get just right if using such different colors like black and white. For a more subtle look try two different finishes of the same color (glossy and flat).
  5. Start early! This project took 5 months for this pregnant working mom of a three year old to complete.