Birds and Flowers Themed Nursery

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A soft and feminine nursery for a little girl

Design Inspiration

I knew that when I had a little girl I would want to create a pink and fresh atmosphere for her.

Decorating Style

I don't really have a particular style.  I like simplicity and femininity.

Project Details

It took me a while to put this nursery together.  I acquired and made things over time.  Etsy is a wonderful sight to help give you creative ideas.

Favorite Items

I made the paper flowers. they were simple to make and weren't time consuming.  I love how pretty they are and they add such a nice burst of color.  I bought the letters at a local craft store and painted them, then I attached them to ribbon and made the flower hangers using wood pieces and jeweled buttons.  I love making things where applicable, I think that it adds such a unique touch to a room.


Get creative and try making things to add personal touch.


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    The room looks bright and airy. I adore that bird quilt (I really have a thing for quilts)! And I think you chandelier or light is pretty and fabulous!

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