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Birds and Bunnies: Bridget’s Nursery


A traditionally decorated nursery that is both whimsical and sophisticated.

Design Inspiration

I ran across a little child's dress form in a boutique and instantly thought of using it to display the first outfit my child would be professionally photographed in.  Of course, this is before I knew it was going to be a girl.  Once I found out that it was a "she," I bought a tutu to display on the form and then began the hunt for the appropriate bedding.  I then started with the Bellini bedding that I purchased off of Craigslist.   I knew that I didn't want a specific theme such as Winnie the Pooh, but wanted a very girly nursery.

Decorating Style

Traditional; Champagne taste on a beer budget.

Project Details

When painting, buy sample paint to paint onto the walls.  I made the mistake of not doing that.  So, when I first painted the walls, the color was way too bright.  I could have saved a lot of time, money, and elbow grease had I done this.  Paint never looks the same on the wall as it does on that little sample card. 

Begin with a piece of fabric or something that you love when decorating the room. 

Do the work!  Look at expensive websites for inspiration and then you will know what to look for when browsing through antique stores, discount stores, etc.  Believe it or not, I got some great deals at antique stores where people have booths.  Also, Craigslist is an awesome resource!

Favorite Shops/Websites


Rosenberry Rooms

T.J. Maxx Homegoods

KooKoo Bear Kids




Favorite Items

One of my favorite items is the birdcage lamp that I found at TJ Maxx Homegoods for $39! 


Be patient.  I know it's easy to want everything done all at once.  But, if you take your time, you can find some really great deals out there.  Try to think of the overall look that you want to achieve and then begin slowly.  Enjoy the process!


Wednesday 6th of July 2011

I love your room!  It is so sweet and soft.  In my opinion just what a little girl's room should be.  Good job!


Thursday 14th of April 2011

Thank you so much!  I had a total blast decorating it.  As far as the curtains, those were custom made.  I can't sew!  ;)  The framed pictures were such a steal.  They were $190 EACH on the Doodlefish website, but I found them in a booth in an antique store for only $65 each!!  It was an amazing find!  :)


Wednesday 6th of April 2011

I think I am in love with this room! Pink and the exact shade of green you used make such a lovely combination! The two things that really caught my eye are the pretty little tutu and the birdcage lamp. They add such a whimsical and charming touch to everything.


Monday 4th of April 2011

Oh wow, this is one neat room!  I'd like to see more of the dresser that you have there... I can see a hint of an intricate design for the corners.  I love what you did with your curtains, can we ask for a tutorial on that?  I also find those framed plants on the wall very drool worthy!  And for $39 that birdcage lamp is a sure favorite!