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Birdies and Owls


Creating a nursery for our first child to enjoy beyond the infant stages of her life. My wife helped with this but due to her busy work schedule (she is a nurse) and strict exercise routine, most of the work was left to me. I am certainly not an expert designer, and I realize it is far from perfect, but I did the best I could with what I had - a somewhat limited budget, a tiny room with poor lighting and (yuck) berber carpet.

Design Inspiration

The room was painted dark yellow with a burgandy/red accent wall, and felt very small and confined.  It did not look anything like a girl's nursery, so we knew we wanted to do something with it.  Being new at this, I only knew one thing for sure: I wanted to stay far far away from hokey designs, Disney characters, and princessy pinks.  I decided I liked the general style of PB Kids and picked the Hayley bedding as my inspiration. 

Decorating Style

Tasteful color schemes, traditional furniture, unique decorative items. 

I'm an amateur, so I trust the professionals.

Project Details

Both of us are super busy, every day of the week, with full time jobs, sports, and other activities.  Like I said, if we could, we would buy everything from a boutique but we cannot afford the time, energy, or cost to do so.  Instead, we rely on stores like Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, and Peir 1 which offer some great options if you are willing to allow some time between purchases - and will spend some time in those hole-in-the-wall boutiques if/when we come across one.

The only DIY tip that I can offer is to utilize some sort of computer program to design your room before you get started.  What I did is drew the room in Adobe Illustrator, and then collected sample images of all the items I liked, and placed them in the room.  You're not going to get all of the angles perfect but it works well enough.  I will upload mine as an example.

Favorite Items

The mirror we found at some boutique in Rehoboth, DE, the bedding is from PB Kids, and the swivel/rocking chair we found on clearance at a local furniture shop. 

I am also proud of the crown moulding I put up.  It took some mitering assistance from a friend but, it was something I wanted to do from the get go and was happy with the way it came out.


I don't really think I am the right person to be giving advice, but would recommend settling on a color scheme (hopefully something tasteful) and mix/match items that fit the scheme.


Tuesday 13th of September 2011


I am happy that I found your nursery photos. Your nursery looks beautiful. I also chose the PBK Haley bedding for my 3rd daughter and I have been having a hard time deciding on the color of drapes and undecided if I should purchase the coordinating wall decals. ( the decals are only on ebay these days, and they are over $ I am having a hard time with that. Can you share any thoughts on your decision to choose the green mini dot drapes versus other PBK colors ? I like them, I just know they are a heavy drape and I would need to cover 2 windows fairly close together. And do you feel the PBK Hayley decals really tie into the bedding? I was concerned because the birds are different and no owls. I can tell the tree's match. Thank you for any insight


Wednesday 22nd of June 2011

I really love this room.  I especially love the mirror.  Do you know the name of the boutique you got it from?


Sunday 29th of May 2011

I like it! Love the birds :) great work!


Wednesday 25th of May 2011

Oh my, great work so far.  I think that the room is perfect even if it's not yet finished.  I'm excited to see how this one turns out :)


Wednesday 25th of May 2011

Hi.  I do think that you should look for a bird chandelier to go with this room.  And there's a room here that made use of twigs and soft bird dolls for their mobile.  I think you can use that tutorial for some sort of funky curtain.  Don't worry, though, this looks GOOD as it is!