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“Big Helper” Board


This "big helper" board is the perfect way to keep track of chores.

Design Inspiration

I have tried numerous chore charts for my kids in the past. It never failed that I would forget to print out the weekly paper ones or we would run out of stickers. It was a half-hearted, half-hazard situation at best and a total failure at worst.

This magnetic dry-erase design was a solution to all those issues.

Favorite Items

* changing the jobs is easy as dry erase and jot in the new
* washi tape is quickly removed/replaced to add more jobs as kids grow
* durable and looks great on the wall
* no printing (or forgetting to)
* entirely reusable – no stickers to buy
* very easy for kids to manage themselves


We hung this in the otherwise under-utilized space behind my daughter's bedroom door. At the end of each day she rewards herself with glitter stars for jobs well done.

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  1. avatar star says:

    hello, when you purchased the board, did it have a note that said:
    Can be hung horizontally or vertically.
    Good to know
    Note! It is not possible to write on the magnet board.

    Bc i noticed you wrote on yours

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  7. avatar adastra7 says:

    Here’s the link from her DIY and tutorials section

  8. avatar acarleenb says:

    I don’t see the step-by-step instructions through the link you posted?

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  10. avatar frankie says:

    Love your idea.