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“Big Helper” Board


This "big helper" board is the perfect way to keep track of chores.

Design Inspiration

I have tried numerous chore charts for my kids in the past. It never failed that I would forget to print out the weekly paper ones or we would run out of stickers. It was a half-hearted, half-hazard situation at best and a total failure at worst.

This magnetic dry-erase design was a solution to all those issues.

Favorite Items

* changing the jobs is easy as dry erase and jot in the new
* washi tape is quickly removed/replaced to add more jobs as kids grow
* durable and looks great on the wall
* no printing (or forgetting to)
* entirely reusable – no stickers to buy
* very easy for kids to manage themselves


We hung this in the otherwise under-utilized space behind my daughter's bedroom door. At the end of each day she rewards herself with glitter stars for jobs well done.


Friday 31st of August 2018

hello, when you purchased the board, did it have a note that said: Can be hung horizontally or vertically. Good to know Note! It is not possible to write on the magnet board.

Bc i noticed you wrote on yours

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