Big and Bold Nursery

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A nursery with oversized pattern cascading down the crib wall and behind the rocker.  Lots of visual pop with all the patterns going on in the room. 

Design Inspiration

Damask fabric in the rocker.   The designer wanted  something different and bold that would bring drama and fun into the nursery.  I thought a large painted design trailing down the wall would be fun. 

Decorating Style

Eclectic and whimsical.

Project Details

Love how the designer used the dresser as a changing table.  This piece of furniture along with the rocker and side towers will be functional long after the nursery is outgrown.

Favorite Items

Changing table and rocker.

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    This nursery is cute… But I somehow feel weird looking at the giant pattern. It’s so overwhelming. Maybe I’m just not used to anything really big. =)

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