Bexley’s Eclectic Nursery

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We wanted a girly nursery, for our daughter Bexley; just not pinks and purples!

I'm not a fan of matchy-matchy, so we just pulled fabrics and colors together that we loved and her nursery "theme" was complete!

Design Inspiration

Lots of ideas from blogs and pinterest!

Decorating Style


Project Details

Crib: Given to us by my sister and brother in law.

Changing Station: Old piece of family furniture painted black.

Crib Skirt: Made by my mom from fabrics we selected at JoAnn's.

Cornice Board: Wood, covered with a thin layer of polyfill and covered in coordinating fabric.

Crib Bumpers: Boppy Bumpers covered by my mom.

Embroidery Hoops: Painted Black and used old family scarves and materials from the crib skirt.

Letters: Wood.

Frame Collage: Old frames collected, painted black and filled with quotes.

Mirrored doors:  Standard closet doors.

My husband added mirrors and trim.  Idea from The Letter Cottage.

Favorite Items

Chair: Made a rocker from an old sitting chair of my Grandmothers.

Crib Skirt: A vision made to life by my mom


Pull items in a nursery that you like!  Then it will all start coming together.  Don't paint the walls a color that is too in your face. There is really no gray anywhere else in the nursery- but we think it provides a great neutral to her room.


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    I think that having no themes is a great way to exercise your creativity and it certainly works in this room. I love it!

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    I am wondering how you came up with her name? It is so unique, please share the story!!! :-)

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    I could understand your not wanting pink and purple. I really do not get it why 99.9% of parents think that these are the only colors for girls. I like the way you pulled everything together here. Congratulations this is a great looking room.

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    Thank you! The letters are wood (baltic birch). I had them cut by a friend using the font Chanel (a font found on They are either 16 or 20″ high- I can’t remember. I painted them Lisa Pink by Delta and hung with with command adhensive.

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    Katie Gonzalez,

    Her name came about while we weren’t even trying to get pregnant. We drove by an apartment complex named Bexley about once or twice a week and loved the name of it. Then when we started trying and eventually ended up pregnant, we decided Bexley was going to be her name. It was a nice compromise name between my husband (who wanted traditional) and myself (who wanted something a little off beat!)

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    Ooops just saw your other post! Can I please please have your friend’s email address so I can beg him/her to make me some???? ❤

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    Did you make the super cute labels for the pink bins in the closet? If so, what did you use?

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    That is so weird you named you daughter Bexley! My 21 month old is named Bexley Justice. How did you find the name? I have never heard it anywhere else so I’m so in shock!

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  19. 19

    Wow! It’s sad to know that there’s people out there that just feel like they need to be so negative and say hateful comments out loud instead of just thinking them to themselves. I didn’t need to know you thought my daughters name was stupid nor was it needed. This website is for positive words not negative.

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    Where did you find those amazing letters! I love the design, and I think Bexley is a great name. Very unique!!

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    My 6 year old sons name is Bexley, too!! We lived in London a few years before kids. I worked in the borough of Bexley! I was so surprised to see this! I love the nursery by the way.

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    Bexley’s Mom……Im Bexley’s Mom too!!! My Bexley is 25 yrs old. I cant believe there is another little Bexley! How wonderful!! I got the name Bexley from a beautiful town outside of Columbus, Ohio. Lot your site. :)

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    im not organized at all and I was wondering what do all of your tags say I see some are baby blankets I’m trying to get organized before my baby gets here please help

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    Hi, I LOVE Bexley’s room. Can you please tell me what brand and color paint that is? Thanks. And I love the name Bexley.

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    Hi I just want you to know that I saved your pin a long time ago and My husband and I were picking baby girls names and I said this and a couple days later he said that he really likes the name Bexley and so we decided to name our baby girl but ours is spelt different because of the way we spelt our first daughter Hailee so we went with Bexlee

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