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Bennett’s Room


A comfortable, happy nursery for our first child!

Design Inspiration

I didn't want a traditional boy's nursery with the walls being blue and the bedding being the main focal point. I knew I wanted the walls a good neutral because there were too many other pops of colors I wanted to add! I first found the prints above the crib and went from there! I opted for non-matching furniture - including the teal dresser! (A $20 flea market find!!) The other items around the room were collected throughout the pregnancy over time. It's filled with some flea market finds, a handful of  items from Etsy, and some random finds for our sweet baby boy. I couldn't be happier with the outcome!

Decorating Style

I like more modern things, and always prefer it to feel comfortable. I feel like that was achieved in the nursery. It's not too fussy, and has all the necessities - while looking great! This room will easily transition with him as he gets older, which is a plus!

Project Details

Teal dresser - $20 flea market score! Prints above crib - Etsy Shop: Sycamore Street Press Mini Bunting - Etsy Shop: A Fete Beckons White long book shelves - built by hubby! Moose rocker - IKEA White square bookcase - IKEA Sheet - Etsy Shop: Sweet Bobbins Rocking Chair - gift (not sure from where) Curtains - Made by a friend, fabric found various places online

Favorite Items

The dresser, the prints above the crib, and the red rocking moose... :)


This room is filled with lots of things that I fell in love with that came together to create the perfect space! Because of that, I am so pleased with the outcome and love going in there each day!  Find items you love -it doesn't all have to be matchy-matchy!

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  1. avatar Kristin says:

    We just had a baby boy named Bennett! Its pretty unusual, I was surprised to see it in this nursery. Very cute!

  2. avatar CaseyDavis says:

    Great room! Very fun!

    What color paint did you use?

  3. avatar Melinda Kopet says:

    I love the wall color. What is it called?

  4. avatar veronica says:

    @ Veronica: I know that you can find the elephant hamper on the internet, I purchased one for my daughters nursery last year.

  5. avatar Veronica says:

    Where did you get the cute elephant hamper? That’s adorable!

  6. avatar AngelsBreath says:

    I like the fact that many of this room’s decorative accents came from flea markets. Is that ferris wheel a flea market find, too? It’s so cute!

  7. avatar Candy says:

    A lovely nursery for a lovely boy!! Very creative – I love the buntings and the prints.

  8. avatar Whitney says:

    My husband made the long ones on the wall because I needed a specific size, however they do have shorter ones available at IKEA. :)

  9. avatar Claire says:

    Great room/space… where did the white wall shelves come from?

  10. avatar Claire says:

    Great room…where did your white wall shelves come from?