Bella’s Girly Animal Kingdom

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This is my baby girl Bella's nursery. I was inspired by hot rich colors and black and white. I wanted it to be girlie, hip, modern, warm but not baby baby. I created most of the art work including the animal paintings. The 3 round pink frames are the portraits of my dogs done with felt on embroidered hoops. The mobile also was done with felt. By the way, i had never ever painted, sewed or embroidered before! Amazing what being a mom does, huh? The bedding was custom done for me and some of the pillows I created. Most of the items I have been buying little by little. The cuckoo was from a canadian company. The chalk frame was from As was the tree sticker and butterflies. The zebra rug was from overstock. The day bed and dresser are from Ikea. The biggest splurge was the Netto Crib and the cuckoo clock. I wanted lots of animals and am still searching for more! I hope you like it!!!

Design Inspiration

Hot colors, black white and animals.

Decorating Style

eclectic, modern, hip and fun...

Project Details

Overstock, Etsy (Looooove!!!) and homegoods.

Favorite Items

The black and white animal paintings and the round embroidered portraits of my dogs...all done by me.


Lots of love!

Think outside the box...


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    Ledge shelves are from ikea…I think they are called Lack.

    The are very clean and looks more expensive than they cost. Very cheap!!!

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    omg i love this room i would of never thought i would like orange as a baby room but it is sooooo cute!  I would like to know where you got the mini elephant hamper?

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    your nursery is so great – orange is my favourite colour and i’ve been trying to incorporate that into our nursery!  where did you get that orange chair/rocker?!

  9. 9

    Thanks! Yes orange is my fav color too…But people were saying orange was for boys! So i added the hot pink and it turned out very rich and girlie. The rest of the walls are a light light doesnt show in the pics.

    The chair/rocker is a Luca glider from Monte design…a canadian company. The only brand I could find an orange chair. It was a splurge but worth every penny. Its modern, super well made, amazing color and so so comfortable. I think all their chairs can be made in that orange. You can also  have the piping done in another color. I have seen with white and its so cool. Check it out…

    You can order from them or through us retailers. I think i used fawn and forrest…no tax and they gave me a $120 gift certificate after i bought the chair wich was awesome. You wont find on sale though.

    If you have any questions, let me know!


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    Hi! Thanks

    The orange is a benjamin more color…I have the can somewhere. I will look for you and let you know!

    The color is even nicer in real life :-)



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    I bet it is.  You really did a great job!  I didn’t think trying to plan the baby’s nursery was going to ba as hard as it has been.  I am definitely inspired by this room.  So fun!

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    Seriously A-MA-ZING! These are some of my fave colors together and I *love* the way you’ve used them here for your daughter’s nursery!

  19. 19

    I just wanted to say how much I LOVE this!!! Hot pink and orange are one of my fave combinations (I used them at my wedding!) but I wouldn’t have thought it would work for a nursery. And with the animal prints it easily could have been over the top, but you made it perfectly gorgeous!

  20. 20

    I really love this room! Good job. Where did you find the tree with butterflies, was it etsy? I really love it and tried to find it on there. Any ideas on how to find it? Thanks

  21. 21

    Thanks everyone!

    The main sidetable…the one in front of the wall was a super find from Homegoods…its so so perfect! I was so happy when  saw it. I actually had bought the other one at Ikea but ended up with two tables as I couldnt resist getting this one.

    The orange, hot pink work really cool. I started with the disco dot fabric from Michael Miller. Thats where the inspiration started. The zebra was added. I love animals and when i started adding the black and white animal patterns, the room came to lfe. I also hand painted all the animal images. The dog portraits were also a big focus for me.

    The tree is from Etsy and so are the wood butterflies.  I have to find the vendor but if you search wood butterflies, you should find it. I asked the lady to make custom ones with white and orange and pink details. They make the tree come to life and look more 3d.

    If you have any more questions, let me know!

    I did this from the heart. I had never decorated any room in my life…i learned to paint, embroid, sew…all came out from being a mom.

    By the way, my baby girl was born this week, March 1st at 9:24 :-)

    Happy mommy!




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    Hi Everyone! Did anyone find the name of the etsy seller for the white tree and the butterflies!? I love love love this room!!! 

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    I like that the white is very crisp and is on different textures- the clock, side table etc. And the 3-D effect with the tree is very cool.

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    I like that the white is very crisp and is on different textures- the clock, side table etc. And the 3-D effect with the tree is very cool.

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    I like that the white is very crisp and is on different textures- the clock, side table etc. And the 3-D effect with the tree is very cool.

  27. 27

    Do recall the name of the company where you bought the cuckoo clock? I want to use a white clock in the nursery but don’t really know if I want to take the time to paint a used one (baby coming in less than 3 weeks)!

  28. 28

    Love the room you created, especially that pop of orange color on the wall.  I see that its from Benjamin Moore, but do you happen to remember the name of color.



  29. 29

    I know i am a bit late to this party but i have been dreaming of this nursery since i was 6 weeks pregnant. We are now at 6 months and starting the project (well my husband is!) and like coastal, would love to know the name of that paint!

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    Hi there

    I painted the canvas myself. Acrylic on canvas. I think the sizes was 12 x 12 museum style.

    I had never painted before. I went to ac moore, got some white and black paint, some brushes…nothing fancy. I traced the images with pencil before then started tracing with paint over it. The zebra was the hardest…

    Have you ever painted before? Let me know if you have any other questions…


  34. 34

    I haven’t ever painted before. So any tips you can gve, such as how to find the images, etc would be great. Also, I know others have asked, but I would love to know the names of the paint colours you used.This is the exact colour scheme I want to use for my daughter’s big girl room.

  35. 35

    I will ask my husband where the paint buckets are! I have no idea where they went…
    By the way, the walls are not white. I used a very very light blue/turquoise color…its so light it looks white.
    I drew the images but you can take my photos and print it out. And try to draw over. I am a designer so i kinda have in me some artistic hidden talents!
    I can help you with any other ideas if you like.
    Let me know!

  36. 36

    Honestly Love this. The colours work so well together. WOW! Amazing. These are some very good ideas :-)

  37. 37

    Hi,  your nursery is amazing and so creative.  I am interested in the rocker from Canada.  Do your find it comfortable?  Have you had any problems with it?  I noticed that you don’t have a foot rest.  I am only 5’2″ and was wondering if it would still be comfortable despite my height.  

  38. 38

    Wow! My two year old daughter absolutely loves animals and I’ve been lost on how to make a girly animal bedroom and birthday theme! This is gorgeous!

    P.s. I ended up going with a sweet shoppe theme for her 2nd bday! Couldn’t figure out the animal thing!

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    This is one of the cutest baby rooms I have ever seen. Absolutely love it!
    You have talent :)

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    Where would one find information to purchase the wicker elephant basket shown in this baby room?

  43. 43

    Beautiful nursery! ! I thought I read somewhere that you made the custom crib bumper, would you mind sharing how you made it and the measurements you used? I have the same crib and can’t find a bumper that fits right.
    I know it’s been a few years since you crested the nursery but I hope you still have the details.
    Thank you!

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