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Bee Themed 3rd Birthday Party


A third bee birthday celebration for my wildflower daughter, Lily!

Design Inspiration

My daughter has loved the song "All I Want is You" by Barry Louis Polisar since before she could talk.  She calls this song "The Bee Song" because of the opening line:

"If I was a flower growing wild and free, all I'd want is you to be my sweet honeybee."

I took the lyrics of the song, had them made into a sign that now hangs in Lily's big girl room, and revolved my entire party theme around wildflowers and bees.

Decorating Style

I love whimsical and rustic styles - especially burlap, chevron, and mason jars!  These elements are all over my house, in my daughter's rooms, and a big part of this party!

Project Details

Bee hive cake: Custom made by Target

Rose cupcakes: Made by me

"All I Want is You" sign: Made by Melissa Anne Company

Bee Antennae Craft: Confetti Couture

The other decorations were either made by me or purchased at Target or Hobby Lobby

Favorite Items

I love the old window I used as a backdrop for a photo gallery of my daughter.  I combined my whimsical and rustic styles with bee colors and big vases or wildflowers to make a stunning display.  This captured the attention of guests as well as made great party decor - and as a plus it was high up and out of reach of the many toddler aged guests!  :)


Have fun!  I was so excited about this theme because I knew my daughter would love it and it would be special to her.  She talked about her beehive cake for WEEKS leading up to the party and loved making "a craft" at her party.  I worked really hard at making everything fun, toddler friendly, and popular food items within my wildflower and bee theme.  My guests had a great time and so did I!