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Becoming A Nursery


They have done an amazing job designing and creating a serene and beautiful nursery for son Jasper. Ariana and Jeff are eagerly awaiting Jasper’s arrival any hour now! Ariana is a jewelry and web designer while Jeff is a toy designer and illustrator. So, it makes perfect sense that these two would create such a special place for their first child.

Project Details

The couple decided early on they liked the soothing greens and blues of the Orchard Park crib bedding from Walmart. The clean and modern lines of the Baby Mod Park Lane crib works nicely with the lovely pale blue paint they used for the walls. They designed a custom wall mural featuring a wilow tree and darling hanging monkey which is featured on the wall next to the crib. The 8-dresser is from Ikea and the adorable Dwell Studio Zebra rug is from Target. Ariana and Jeff went into nesting overdrive and even picked up Wendy Bellisimo baskets for diaper storage and Ikea Kompliment drawer organizers to neatly store clothes, burpies and blankets. Everything is picture perfect and ready for little Jasper’s arrival. We are sure that they will enjoy many many amazing moments with their new baby in this very special nursery! 


For more details about this nursery go to Ariana’s blog,  Becoming Mom.


Friday 8th of January 2010

tbutash says:

October 14, 2009 at 12:02 pm

I would love to know the paint color and brand you used! Such a lovely shade of blue!


Friday 8th of January 2010

Stacy says:

August 21, 2008 at 9:20 pm  

Fantastic pot, love this nursery. Stopped by and told the couple myself. I also love this SITE! What a great idea. I look forward to all the wonderful things you’ll be bringing to my attention in the near future.