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Beckham’s Red Wagon 1st Birthday Party


A first birthday party based off a little boy's love for his red wagon!

Design Inspiration

Our Radio Flyer wagon was the jumping off point for the party, but the real design inspiration came when I found five beautiful coordinating fabrics that I used throughout the party space.

Decorating Style


Project Details

Fabrics from JoAnn Fabrics

Cake by Nomeka's Cakes

Fireplace banner by

Red wagon cake topper and mini red wagon from Ebay

Name banner, I am 1 banner, and red wagon food picks from ETSY

Fabric pendants, garland, wreath, coke crate centerpiece, blackboard poster, and all printables (with the above exceptions) were DIY

Favorite Items

I loved all the fabric details and the coke crate centerpiece, but I think the blackboard poster really served as such a great focal point so that was probably my favorite item.


Fabric can be super inspiring.  If you can find fabrics that speak to you there are so many things that you can do with them that really help to transform an everyday space into a beautiful party.

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  1. avatar LR says:

    Hey is there any way I can purchase the monthly picture banner? It’s the only one I like that I have found!!!

  2. avatar D says:

    Where did you get your invitations from for the party?

  3. avatar Happiest1 says:

    Hi, i really want a banner like your fireplace banner, but when i google your website it says no such website, can you help??? looking forward to it! :) thanks so much!

  4. avatar Cori says:

    thanks so much!

  5. avatar Cori says:

    did you ever get a response or have any luck finding the etsy shop that had the banner for the months?

  6. avatar Cori says:

    did you ever get a response or have any luck finding the etsy shop that had this?

  7. avatar Katie Jones says:

    Would you be willing to share/sell the printables that you DIY’ed? Especially the ones for the pictures of the months?!

  8. avatar Jill R says:

    I can not find the “I am One” banner anywhere on etsy. Do you happen to know the name of the shop?

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  10. avatar Amy Mahoney says:

    Super cute party! I loved your first year picture banner. Really cute w/ the printables and coordinating papers.
    Since someone else commented, I will also add that my son is Beckham Mathew :) Super funny how such an uncommon name, is common within this post of fellow PN’ers… :)

  11. Since I have a 1 year old named Beckham I wanted to see how you celebrated your son’s birthday too! I was having fun oohhing and aawwing at all of your pictures when I came to the poster on the fire place…my son is named Beckham Matthew too!!! OMG! What a small world!

    Great party! And you have wonderful taste in names! ;)

  12. avatar Ieasha Woods-Akins says:

    Such an awesome party! Love the theme!

  13. avatar Lily says:

    The red wagon is so cute. And I bet Beckham looks really adorable dragging that wagon around. So nice of you to pick this favorite toy as starting point and to plan the party around it.

  14. avatar Amber Powers says:

    Love the attention to details. Such a lovely party for a very simple theme.