Beckett’s Vintage Americana 1st Birthday Party

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We celebrated our sweet Beckett's first birthday with a Red, White, & One themed backyard BBQ at our home.

Design Inspiration

The inspiration for Beckett's birthday party was born out of my love for everything red, white and blue, and stars and stripes. I knew it would be fun to decorate, and I could take advantage of after-4th-of-July sales for decor.

Project Details

I knew I wanted to incorporate Beckett's silhouette into the party decor. I created it using Photoshop Elements, and then Lora from Lora Lang Designs on Etsy ( took the silhouette I made and used it in her designs for all the party printables. She created the invitation, water bottle labels, napkin wraps, cupcake toppers (which I also used on rosettes for the dessert table backdrop), a welcome poster, favor tags, and customized thank you notes. For adult favors, I made Patriotic Popcorn using the recipe from Bloom Designs ( For the dessert table backdrop, I made lots and lots of rosettes using scrapbook paper and free papers I found online...I used the tutorial from A Blissful Nest ( My friend Jennifer of Pea Pie Photography ( was on hand to take all of the beautiful photos.

Favorite Items

While I love every detail of Beckett's birthday party, I think my favorite is the rosette backdrop for the dessert table. I finished each rosette with a cupcake topper adding an even more personal touch. The rosettes were pinned to a large piece of burlap and accented with white balloons. I'm also especially proud of the "Happy Birthday Beckett" banner hanging on the dessert table...I made it using ribbon, card stock, scrapbook paper, and cereal boxes :} I'm also thrilled with how the red, white & blue cake and decorated cookies turned out...I made them all in the days before the party.


My advice to anyone planning a party is to start early on the smaller details, especially if you plan to make them yourself. A checklist of everything I wanted to incorporate was invaluable, and on the day of the party I was able to check off things as they were done, to make sure I had everything done just as planned. And definitely accept help from those who offer :}


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    I wish you posted the photos individually. It’s kinda hard to appreciate the lovely details through these thumbnail-sized photos.

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    Thank you, Moesha! Originally the file sizes were too large to post individually, but I tried to add some of the details later. :}

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    Well, Sweetie you out did yourself! It’s adorable! I clicked on the star thingy and I believe I screwed it up…(sure you’re not surprised) I was trying to give you a 5 star rating but it kept going backwards! Hope that doesn’t mess up anything for you.

    Love you and your sweet family!

    Love ya,

    Miz Wendy Q.

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    Adorable theme and great job with the DIY decorations! I tried to put five stars and four was as high as it would let me go. Let me know if this is not the correct way to vote : )
    Lisa McMurtry

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    Thank you so much Lisa!!! I hope you’re doing great!!! I miss you! I appreciate your vote!

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    What I think is sad is someone who considers themselves a Christian to be such a poor sport. Why can’t you just be thankful you we’re nominated? I mean, really, anybody can order printables from Etsy or make them on a Cricut and call it a party.

  14. 14

    LOL, just having some fun. Hey its only 50 bucks,,,,,,The winners are everyone of the kids that had awesome parties! The teacups and tutus and the americanas party, along with all the others are all amazingly thought out and executed. The 50 bucks is trivial considering the kids all had a blast (I am assuming that because the look on your childrens faces is of great fun!). Over at the corvette forum we are just adding our votes in, and when one of us ask for help, hundreds join in.

    Keep in mind,,,,,,$50 bucks,,,,,,,trivial. Kids having the best parties and never forgetting them,,,,,,,PRICELESS!
    (quote)Agreed, and our party will likely not win because of them. Very sad.(/quote) not sad,,,you will win next time, because we will not be there (already getting bored with this). By the way Cameron,,,,,you are very hot!

  15. 15

    Do you all really think it was about 50 bucks? Yes, it would have been great for her to win, but it was just for fun. When some started insulting her and attacking whether a Christian, that’s just pathetic. Calling her a cheater… just ridiculous. You don’t even know her.

    I can assure you, it was all for her kids and she will continue to create those memories with them, whether she buys the decorations or makes them herself!

    Oh, and I’d choose a Mustang…actually, I already own a ’66! LOL!

  16. 16

    I noticed that Kim posted “I just voted a bunch of times!” on your blog. How did she do that? I can only vote once every 24 hours on my computer. I really liked your rosette backdrop!

  17. 17

    I’m sorry but since when does a little fun and owning a cricut make someone unable to call themselves a Christian. Did I miss the new commandment that says “Thou shall not DIY a child’s party and enter it in a contest on a whim?” No

  18. 18

    This seems to be a case where the fans turned fanatic! The funny thing is that the most vocal of them apparently have never even met these amazingly talented moms or their precious children. Facebook and twitter can cause quite a frenzy! I know that they were the suggested means for getting the word out, but I think there have probably been national elections with fewer voters! They obviously have tons of friends and family who were willing to spread the word (and it just kept spreading). The ugly comments are not coming from these sweet mamas so please just praise them for their fabulous work. I will be copying things from ALL of these parties;)

  19. 19

    Thank you for the sweet comment! I saw that comment too, and am not sure (maybe she meant she got friends to vote?)…my computer only let me vote once a day too! Thanks again!

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