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Beach- 1st Birthday Party!


We just recently celebrated my Son's First Birthday. Because I have a love for all things crafty, I decided to make everything by hand. We had 80+ guest and everyone had a GREAT time!

Design Inspiration

Kyah's name was the overall inspiration for the party theme. His name means Ocean so we knew that we had to go with a "Beach, Under the Sea, Ocean Theme".   

Decorating Style

Bright, Fun and Kid Friendly, with a Touch of Class. 

Project Details

I chose to use Aqua, Orange and Green as the main focal colors. In addition, I incorporated red, yellow and dark blue primary colors. 

For the Cake, I used Tara at Tara Top Tier Treats. She did a fantastic job on the Smash Cake, and on the Tiered Cake for the adults.  

Since I love all things crafty, I made all of the other party decor and food. Some of which can be found here in The Store

For additional party photos and how-to's you can visit me here.

Favorite Items

I especially loved creating the themed Candy Station.{I can never host a party that does not have a Candy Station. For this party I had themed Candy}

Seaweed - Sour Apple Twizzlers

Whales- GoldFish Crackers

Drops of Sun Shine - Lemon Heads

Lobster Eggs - Cherry Sours

Ocean Pearls - Pearl Gum Balls

Beach Balls - Cake Balls/Cake Pops

Ocean Surf - Blue {White Chocolate} Fondue Fountain


Be sure and block out a few months of planning. In order to save money, shop for deals after holidays and shop at the Dollar Store. A lot of what you use will be eaten, trashed or repurposed later. 


Thursday 23rd of September 2010

This was absolutely beautiful! I am going to visit your site to see if you talk about how you made the signage. Great job!!


Saturday 18th of September 2010

There is a lot to be said about a mom who goes all out with her kid's party.  It was a lot of work, but I guess you had a grand time putting all of these together.  It showed here.  I love the idea of themed treats and you really translated the theme uniquely and beautifully.  Congratulations!


Tuesday 14th of September 2010

Fabulous!  I love all the bright colors and imaginative treats! Well done!