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Baby’s neutral teal nursery


**Please visit my NURSERY POST on my BLOG if you are adding anything to a Pinterest board to link to the original source.  Thanks and much appreciated!**


I wanted something fun, colorful, bright, but gender neutral.  It had to be somewhere I wanted to be since I knew I'd be spending a lot of time there and I tried to stay away from traditional "baby" themes.  More is viewable on my blog.

Design Inspiration

Most of my inspiration came from Ohdeedoh , Project Nursery , and Pinterest. I chose these two rooms as my starting point, Young house love's  guest room and melanie bauer's nursery for her first kiddo. 

Decorating Style

Modern, colorful, fun, DIY

Project Details

The glider and changing table were had-me-downs.  From my mom.  There were hers when I was born!  I slip-covered the glider with my sub-par sewing machine skills but it turned out alright.  The cabinet next to the glider was pulled out of the trash years ago (Again, way to go mom!).  The crib, day-bed, numbers poster, wall-bookshelves, clock, and abacus are from IKEA  Most of the remaining accessories are from Target (lamp, the white storage bins for diapers, comforter, door hanging shoe organizer, crib mobile, small green and white rugs) and a few things from Wal-mart (small step trash can, sheets, pillowcases, small fan).  The framed maps are from an old atlas I bought at our Goodwill for a quarter.  The Jane Goodall poster has her actual fingerprint on it!  We met her at a speaking event!  Half of the pom-poms were shower decorations and I made the rest from all of the tissue paper from our gifts.  The framed fingerprint tree was drawn by me and completed by our loving family and friends at our two baby showers.  I also made his name/birthday poster.

Favorite Items

I love the fingerprint tree because all of our family and friends created it together.  The IKEA day-bed has been wonderful for me to sleep in there when I need to.  I also love how the closet turned out.  It has been perfect having the changing table in there.


Don't wait!  Work on your nursery when you still have your mid-pregnancy energy.  My son surprised us 3 1/2 weeks early and it's much harder to finish those projects after baby has arrived!  Also, I gender neutral nursery doesn't have to be yellow!

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  2. avatar Michelle says:

    Love it!! What is the paint color??

  3. avatar esther miranda says:

    i looove how you placed the small wooden boookshelves near the bead and rocking chair for those night time readings.. where did you get them? great room!!

  4. avatar Amber says:

    I see, I thought it was one whole piece! Thanks a million!

  5. avatar hawahawa says:

    That piece of wood with owls is way too cute! Where did you get it? And I love that abacus hanging together with your frames.

  6. avatar Margaux says:

    There are 2 pieces but I only put one on the front since that’s the only way he ever rolls towards.

  7. avatar Amber says:

    Okay, I have seen those just thought it was different cause it doesn’t wrap around the whole crib ;) Thanks

  8. avatar Margaux says:

    It’s the breathable mesh kind and I got it at Target. And thanks!

  9. avatar Amber says:

    Where did you get your bumper pad or what brand is it? Thanks! Love the room!