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Baby’s Beach nursery on a budget


Soothing, yet whimisical beach theme great for boy or girl

Design Inspiration

I love nautical but wanted to keep it soft in case our second little one is a girl.  Didn't want to have to redo anything since when we do decide to have a second child, they will share this space.

Decorating Style

Champange taste on a beer budget.  Piecing things together and love the hunt!

Project Details

I purchased everything almost exclusively from Homegoods, Marshall's, and TJ Maxx. 

Favorite Items

All of my fun wall hangings


I purchased things for this room for over 3 months.  Be patient and only purchase accessories that you love, not just like.

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  1. avatar Jeannie says:

    The sign in the room is not right. It should say “then” and not “than”.

  2. avatar aesweatheart says:

    i love this room what type kind of bedding did you use

  3. avatar leslielou820 says:

    i think the room is beautiful and very serene and relaxing. it does seem if there is quite a bit going on in here, though, i would prefer it a little less accessorized and cluttered. but overall, very chic and a nice take on thebeach/nautical look

  4. avatar CreativeCrumbs says:

    Love the little interesting decors on the walls, like those cute oars and the wheel, and those wooden boxes too. I also love the sandy colors…very relaxing and breezy. I really do feel like I am in the beach, even if I am only looking at the photos.

  5. avatar Brianna 'Zegland' Maciej says:

    I didn’t make the barefoot sign, but I think you are correct with “then” instead of than :)  To paint the stripes, we painted all four walls the tan color.  We then measured 10 inch stripes, starting in the first corner you see as you enter the room.  Measure going both right and left out of the corner so that you end in a corner that is not quite as noticable, such as above the entry door in case the stripes don’t measure out perfectly.  We used a level to make the pencil lines straight going vertically.  When you tape off the lines (we used the expensive Scotch Blue tape, I think its for delicate surfaces, the cheap stuff bleeds), make sure to tape just outside your pencil marks so that the white paint will cover the lines.  That’s just the overall jist, but if you have anymore questions about details, let me know.  Thanks!

  6. avatar Ysczabel says:

    Fun wall hangings indeed! For sure, these whimsical items you put up will keep your baby busy. Did you make the “If you’re not barefoot..” sign? I think it’s THEN instead of THAN.

  7. avatar Rachel Easley says:

    I absolutely love all our your decor! I am thinking about painting wide stripes on the walls of my nursery( this is my first and I’m due at the end of October ). How did you do this? It looks perfect!