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Baby Shower for Baby C!


I had the honor of hosting and planning a baby shower for my beautiful sister-in-law expecting her first baby for our family.

Design Inspiration

The inspiration was the nursery, she actually posted the nursery on this website it was the cute yellow/gray nursery with the adorable white tree, yellow bird, custom bedding, and who could forget the adorable must have white rattan elephant laundry basket... this was all quite inspiring!!

Decorating Style

The style was modern classic. the Nursery was designed to make mom happy while leaving function and fun never far behind. She also really incorporated new and old very well.

Project Details

The Shower based on the nursery focused on the colors gray, white, and yellow. I also loved the elephant in the room hahah the nursery that is so I incorporated on the cake the white tree from the room with the yellow bird and at the bottom a little elephant... to keep with that the invitations were two sided setting the stage for the theme for the shower which we continued with favors of elephant sugar cookies with polka dots and of course yellow and white circus peanuts for the elephants. wrapped with coordinating ribbon.  The flowers to decorate the tables were daisy poms with fresh cut lemon slices.. while I also created larger versions for the various bigger tables gift, favor etc.  Also, on the table I made individual yellow paper flowers to rest on each place setting.  Under each flower was a paper that was part of the guest book... it asked each guest to draw themselves, draw the mom-to-be, asked how they knew each other, guesses for the baby gender, due date, height weight etc.. it also asked for advice for the baby and advice for the parents to be.. this was GREAT because while guests all arrive at different times this gave them something to do... besides go to the bar and order off of our custom drink menu... Inlcluding drinks like the "mama-rita, mom-ito, mama-mary,and  mama-osa "... there was also a non-alcholohic "Prego-tini" which was delicious.  We also had music playing in the background of the shower that each song either had the word baby in it or the song was about moms or babies, this was nice filler for when she was opening presents and it was perhaps a little too quiet at times. I also decorated with big vases filled with lemons which was nice fresh and spring themed.  We played one game which was the match celebrity babies names with their mom's names... this was fun and again something guests could complete at their leisure or not participate at all.  The prizes were for the top 3 to get gorgeous yellow scarves.

Favorite Items

I loved the guest book idea and the paper flowers they really made the room bright and the guests happy and busy.


enjoy! and just run with a theme it can be so much fun!


Monday 16th of May 2011

Can you please post the link to the photos of the baby's nursery?  I have searched the site and cannot find them.  Thanks!


Tuesday 26th of April 2011

You did a wonderful job with the baby shower details. I didn't know yellow and grey make such a pretty color combination. And oh, I love cake!


Tuesday 19th of April 2011

Very lovely yellow and white baby shower. Yellow always make me think of sunny, cheerful and bright. I think it's one of the happiest colors around, and it's really perfect for such joyous occasion!