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We went with the "cute as a button" theme and also combined that with a vintage feel using a lot of burlap, mason jars, and baby's breathe.

Design Inspiration

Our nursery room colors, and our families' antique mason jars.

Decorating Style


Project Details

We made almost everything ourselves including the fabric & pennant banners, the large wooden button garland the paper button garland. The galvanized items like the three tier stand the glasses were on and the drink dispensers were all from Pottery Barn.

The photos are a combination from two showers one at my mom's and the other at my mother-in-laws, but we shared a lot of the decorations and all worked together to create the look we wanted.

Favorite Items

The photo display.


Gather ideas from pinterest and project nursery and start making things early!


  1. 1

    I’m one of those ladies who have an unexplainable fondness for buttons, too! In fact, my husband calls me the crazy button lady. So if there’s someone who could appreciate your “cute as a button” theme, that’s me!

  2. 2
  3. 3

    Did you make the large wood buttons or purchase them? If you purchased them, please tell me where!

  4. 4
  5. 5
  6. 6

    My mom made the button garland that was strung on the staircase, after buying a few very expensive wooden buttons from etsy.

  7. 7

    I love the “wishes for baby” and “advice for mother” cards. Looked on Etsy and didn’t find the templates. Do you have a source?

  8. 8
  9. 9
  10. 12
  11. 14
  12. 15

    can you please tell me where you purchased the big wooden buttons on the table or were they made?

  13. 16

    I love the well wishes for baby cards. Did you make or buy those? or download a template? They would be perfect for my friend’s shower

  14. 18

    Where did you get the large buttons on the table or how did you make them. I need some for my daughters baby shower. Thank yoi

  15. 19

    So sorry this is probably to late for everyone, but maybe it can help for future mom’s to be. The Wishes for Baby card was designed by my sister-in-law. I think she found the content just online but edited it to go with the theme, and it was the same with all the other “cards”, too. I found a template and then edited it to match my color scheme. The large wooden buttons my mom made out of the wooden circles she got at Hobby Lobby and then drilled the holes and painted them.

  16. 20

    Is it possible to get the directions for the large wooden buttons. The look rounded and natural not like just like flat wood. Maybe an item number from hobby lobby? Planning a shower in October for my daughter and want to get started ASAP

  17. 21

    Would love the directions for the large wooden buttons.Maybe an item number from Hobby Lobby would help. Thank you.

  18. 24

    I’m with everyone else…please give us more info on the large wooden buttons! I would love to do this for my daughter, so any information is appreciated.

  19. 27

    Everything is ABSOLUTELY beautiful! From the buttons to banners I’m highly obsessed!! I’m planning a baby shower for my sister at the end of February. She adopted a baby back in November so my mom and I would like to make this shower VERY special and give her everything she needs/wants. I would LOVE if there was any way you can make these things for me?! I know that may be a lot to ask but I’m not very crafty and if so, we could figure something out. If not, I understand. Everything is just perfect!

  20. 29

    What do the advice cards say?
    name, parenting advice & wishes, take a guess, birthdate
    Am I missing anything? Trying to make my own. Thanks

  21. 30

    Hi! Where did you find the big buttons?! I’m having a baby shower and I’d love to use these

  22. 31
  23. 32

    I found large wooden circles at hobby lobby for 1.99 each (almost 14 inches) and plan on drilling holes in them….. they have a nice curved edge to look like a button….ordered them on line

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