Baby Shower Brunch for Reese Vibiana

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Beautiful Sunday-Brunch-Baby-Shower for baby-to-be, Reese Vibiana was celebrated on the weekend before Valentine's Day in 2011 at the Montebello Quiet Canon Country Club and Golf Course.  The festivities included a wish tree, trivia games, a candy station, and a beautiful slide show.

Design Inspiration

Inspriation for this project was the baby-to-be's name (Reese), hence the candy station; and the Valentine's Day holiday (pink, hearts, etc).

Decorating Style

Modern. Simple. Chic. & Affordable.

Project Details

  • Invites and Favor "Thank You" Tags:
  • Candy and Personalized Pencils:
  • Venue: Quiet Canon, Montebello California
  • Candy Station Supplies and Wrapping Paper: Marshall's & Ross
  • Games: Found online for FREE
  • Wish Tree: LA FlowerMart
  • Cake: Albertson's Bakery

Favorite Items

So many of the things at my baby shower were my favorite- from the venue, to the wish tree, to the favor boxes, the cake, the invites, etc. I loved everything!


  • It's all in the planning, start early & your event will be a success!
  • Brunch is more affordable then lunch or dinner at any venue!
  • Sunday events are also cheaper, usually by 10%!
  • Store-bought cake is great, just decorate it yourself !
  • Favor boxes are easy to make if completed ahead of time.
  • Small touches go a long way...simple is always better!


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    The pink baby carriage hanging on the favors are so cute. The silver carriage on the cake (is that a cake? I can’t be too sure.) is lovely, too. Hoped you posted a photo of your wish tree though.

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