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Baby Nicholas Room


This is my first baby and I wanted to do something special, simple but at the same time unique. I was not sure if I was going to do a little boy's room or a baby boy's room, so after debating with myself for months, I've decided to enjoy the baby years with a baby room and then do a new room when he grows up. This is not 100% finished yet, but you guys can have an idea how it will look.

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  1. avatar mnovato says:


    Hey Beth, you can find the bedding at

    Good luck :)

  2. avatar mnovato says:

    hey girls…the bedding I got at

    I never liked the theme bedding either :)

  3. avatar Beth says:

    Please share where the bedding is from

  4. avatar Lbennett says:

    I really love the bedding! I am loving that it is not a “theme”. Would you please share where you got it or who it is made by? Thanks so much for your time! Congrats!

  5. avatar mnovato says:

    Sorry for the delay in answering the questions…but as a first time mom, I don’t have a lot of spare time lol :)

    The dresser and the changing table was the best purchased I ever made!! I LOVE my changing table. It’s so much easier than changing the baby on the side.

    I purchased them at

    good luck

  6. This room is so classic and beautiful. The blue and cream tones work together really well. I think you did a fantastic job!

  7. avatar BriskRain says:

    I love the powder blue shade of this room. So calming and peaceful.

  8. avatar Renee says:

    Where did you get your changing table and your dresser. Super cute