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Baby love’s nursery


This is a room for our new little edition. We hope she likes it!

Design Inspiration

We started with the brown walls (becuse we didn't want to repaint) and went from there.  I really loved a modern feel with a tradtional/ nostalgic twist, so I tried to mix all those elements into the room.

Decorating Style

Modern, traditional and eclectic.

Project Details

I used Etsy ALOT.  The bedding is from Tiptoe Studio and some of the other room decor.  I also used Anthropologie, West Elm, Oeuf, World Market, and some other places here and there.

Favorite Items

My favorite item is the little vintage deer I found on Etsy...its just so old and made it more of a fairy tale playground in the room.


Start early (as early as you can) and just have fun!

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  1. avatar Vanessa says:

    Gorgeous room! And that is one of the most beautiful tree decalls I have ever seen!!!! What size is it!?

  2. avatar Blanca says:

    beautiful wall decal…i think i’m going to buy one for my baby’s room…what size is yours?

  3. avatar KelleJoya says:

    In your second photo, your wall decal looks like a magical crib mobile! I agree that it looks really beautiful and it gives your room an attitude.

  4. avatar hawahawa says:

    Your favorite item is a vintage deer? Where is it? Do share a picture. I love things vintage!

  5. Thank you!  I have to add more pictures, we have adjusted some things since I last posted.  The decal is from “dezign with a z” 

  6. avatar Dandelion says:

    I so love your brown wall and your white wall decal. The effect is marvelous. The decal really stands out and serves as the focal point of your nursery.

  7. avatar jovi'smom says:

    Is the decal from Etsy? If so what is the seller name?