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Baby Kane’s Nursery


We had our first baby in early October. I was very passionate about creating a warm and inviting space for our little guy. I have a love for decorating and a passion for DIY and handmade. I just started blogging about it at I loved expressing my creative side by creating a safe and welcoming nursery!

Design Inspiration

My favorite color is teal and my husband's is orange. We wanted to welcome baby into a space that was a mix of us both!

Decorating Style

My husband and I share a love of modern but I love to mix that with DIY, handmade and vintage!

Project Details

We started by choosing gray as our room color. We chose Woodsmoke by Eddie Bauer  We then needed to decide the color of the crib (we went back and forth on white or gray)? We decided on gray! We then found this amazing crib from Walmart. It was super affordable and modern -

Next up was finding a rug… which was pretty hard to decide on (they can be pretty expensive too). We found this one at Target -  They didn’t have the size we wanted, so we decided to get two smaller ones instead (which we think turned out to be much better for the space than one big one).

Next up was our dresser, which we found at IKEA -

We started our nursery with a Poang Chair we already had that we spruced up by adding a handmade throw -

We were blessed to get a got a new chair for Christmas from La-Z-Boy (Conner - fabric: c107751)

I found the other furniture (big book shelf, small book shelf, and side table) at a second hand store and painted them white. I found amazing chevron shelf paper in the same shade of teal of the room at Bed Bath & Beyond and I decided to add it to the side table, small bookshelf and made a little coaster to match!

The gallery wall was a mix of pictures I found on ETSY, including

The white frames are from IKEA -

I bought the turquoise one's from salvation army and painted them the to match the room!

After the baby was born, I changed out the picture over the book shelf for one that I created recently for my blog -

My sister designed and created a cool chalkboard piece that she filled in with the details after the baby was born.


Favorite Items

I am in love with how the gallery wall came together!


Saturday 11th of January 2014

What about the poms above chair? Love those


Tuesday 24th of September 2013

what color is the paint on the walls?


Thursday 12th of September 2013

Do you remember which Etsy shop you got the image with the bear and the big orange balloon? I'd love that one for my son's nursery. We also did a white/grey/orange/turquoise theme. I love the way your's turned out! Best of luck to you with your new baby!


Friday 13th of September 2013

Here is the etsy site... they have such adorable prints!


Thursday 12th of September 2013

gorgeous! where did you get the owl blanket from please !


Friday 13th of September 2013

It was handmade by a friend of mine!